Wednesday, May 6, 2009

[Poem] Fake Life (Enslaved to Grief)

Fake Life (Enslaved to Grief)
Poem #158
Written 5.5.09

Why do we hide behind a fake smile?
Why can’t we make life worthwhile?
Why are we filled with misery and despair?
Why is there always too much to bear?
Why do we go around in circles not knowing,
Which path to follow, where we’re going…?
Why are we helpless, fragile and weak?
Why are we unable to defend or speak?
Why are we alive but feel like we’re dead?
Why do all these thoughts run in my head?
Can I know why? I just need a single reason!
To wake me up, to wipe sadness and treason
To revive my old self back, to help me cope,
To give me strength, happiness and hope.
The same old reasons and words never heal;
They are clichés, I’m not sure they’re real.
I want to feel better, I want to be fine,
But I just can’t seem to cross this line…
I’m just buried under this life’s cruel pain,
Feeling that everything I do is in vain,
Crammed with dead hopes and dreams…
Everything for me is darker than it seams.
So when will I wake up from this nightmare?
When will life smile truly? When will it be fair?
When will I be found in this never-ending maze?
I’m so sick of it, so tired, in a deadly daze…
I need a quick cure, I need to be saved.
But it seems that to grief I’m forever enslaved …

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

It hurts me to put the photos of sad and dead tulips like the above 2 photos, but they just captured my heart..

This poem is just a bunch of thoughts, it might seem ridiculous to some, unreal, or maybe disjoint, or contradicting, but that's just the case with our minds' thoughts most of the time..

I hope everyone will like it..


Sokrata said...

true. this point "I want to feel better, I want to be fine,
But I just can’t seem to cross this line…"
is where we stay for so long,
behind the line.

"Feeling that everything I do is in vain" is what hurts most

don't stay there too long and cross the line

this poem filled with true really thoughts in all our minds, wonderful

Evronia said...

i like ur view about the poem.. thanks a lot for this very nice feedback :)))