Thursday, February 25, 2010

ترحيم شهداء نجع حمادي في ذكرى الأربعين

ترحيم شهداء نجع حمادي من قداس ذكرى الأربعين

the sound track in this video is not to be reproduced without permission.. © All rights reserved

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[Poem] The Shape of Your Heart

The Shape of Your Heart
Poem #251
Written 23.2.2010

I want to describe the shape of your heart,
Your gentle, sweet, sensitive, lovely heart,
The heart that is most genuine, most true,
The most impressive heart I ever knew…

Your big heart is so private and so peaceful,
Never harsh, hurtful, revengeful or regretful,
It resembles the pure heart of an innocent kid,
Yet inside it, there’s huge wisdom, that’s hid…

Your wise heart doesn’t do any wrong at all,
It is beautiful from inside, so amazingly whole,
Big enough to fit the world and deal with it,
It knows very well how to hold on and commit…

As for the indescribable love inside your heart,
It’s more enchanting than any piece of art,
It gives me heaven, fills my life and overflows,
It is my shining light that in my darkness glows…

Your heart is my teacher and my favorite ever,
My companion, my condolence, my true treasure,
Forever it will always be my most precious thing,
The one heart for which I will give up everything…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Album from David Ensemble

My most favorite ensemble "David Ensemble" has released a new album by the end of 2009, entitled "Hymns of Basilius Mass - Part 2".

This album is now available to download on the ensemble's website on this link:

The album is so great and inspiring, like all the great work of the ensemble, which is lead by the most fabulous artist Engineer George Kyrillos.

For one of the tracks in the album "Epchois Efnooty Ente NiGom", I've made the following humble video:

More on David Ensemble, see their group on Facebook:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[Poem] Before You Go to Bed

Before You Go to Bed
Poem #249
Written 15.2.10

Before you go to bed every single night,
Remember that you make my life bright,
Remember that you’re my best guide,
The reason why I have in my heart pride…

Remember that my words belong to you,
My whole existence, life and being too.
I achieve a lot, because you are with me,
And nothing seems impossible for me...

Even though you’re as tender as a flower,
You give me much strength and power,
“I can be better” is how you make me feel,
You’re my great role model, who is surreal…

Please remember, all the time, all the way,
You’re the best man I’ve met one day,
You’re more than a dream coming true,
So be sure, I’ll eternally be loyal to you…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

[Poem] If They Ask Me about You

If They Ask Me about You
Poem #248
Written 11.2.2010

If they ask me about you and who you are,
If they ask me to describe my shining star,
I wonder what words to say and how I,
Will be able to describe my angel, my guy…

Shall I tell them you are kind and peaceful,
That you’re always laughing and cheerful?
Or shall I say that the universe doesn’t fit you,
Because your heart is the biggest I ever knew?

Maybe I’d rather describe how wise you are,
How tender, caring and loving you always are,
How successful you are in everything you do,
And how you never ever make me feel blue…

But I can’t stop at this, there’s more to say,
About how you always help me, all the way,
About how your smile is enough to make me,
Forget any sadness and smile so happily…

Should I also talk about how you inspire me;
To enjoy life and look beyond what I see?
Or maybe I should say that you surpass all,
With your courageous, outstanding, brave soul…

I can’t tell them how much joy you bring me,
Because human words will certainly fail me,
I can’t describe your support through strife,
As I trust you blindly to give me the best life…

You are whole but the most important of all,
Is that you do all this, by saying nothing at all,
By only being who you are, by being the man,
The one with who my whole life began…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.