Thursday, January 15, 2009

[Poem] One Thing

One Thing
Poem #143

You are the sunshine I need to light up my soul
You are a dream, the one that makes me whole
You are everything I have ever prayed for
You are the love that I will gladly die for
How many times I have longed for you
And how many days I could wait for you
If you search inside my heart, they're endless
Because I am not able anymore to express
This desire, longing, passion and need
That grow inside me like flowers from a seed
They daily increase, and fill my life with hope
Bringing me strength so that with life I cope
Because from this earth, you're all I wish for
You're all I desire, breathe and a lot more
It's not love what I keep inside me for you
It's more superior, indescribable and so true
I want to forever be inside your angelic heart
From you I never want to be far or apart
I want to lie in your arms, and laugh with you
Because if there is one thing I ask God for, it's you…