Sunday, May 31, 2009

[Poem] Lost

Poem #179

Written 30.5.09

One of the pieces I enjoyed writing a lot. I cherish it deeply.
I really hope you will like it. It's about a feeling we all encounter one day or another in our life's journey...

I don’t know where to start;
I’m so lost between the lines,
I have deep troubles at heart,
I’m misinterpreting the signs.

I’m leading a life full of fears,
I am fighting hard not to fail,
But the road is full of spears,
That are making me so frail.

I surely don’t know what to do,
I want to run fast and hide,
I’m suffering, I can’t get through;
Blinded by all the tears I’ve cried…

Faith, will you please guide me?
I want to reach safe shores,
I want to taste victory’s glee,
And win all these vicious wars.

Love, are you the answer I seek?
Can you heal my grieving soul,
And prevent me from being weak?
Can you truly make me whole?

Hope, will you accompany me?
Can you fill my hopeless heart,
To be able to go on successfully,
Without the fear of falling apart?

I need an answer, I need a cure
I’m losing my identity in this rain,
I feel so lost, scared and insecure,
I want to stand up once again…

Where can I find myself in all this?
How can I be determined, strong?
I need a miracle of peace and bliss,
I hope the answer won’t take long…

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

[Poem] I Know How to Hurt You

I Know How to Hurt You
Poem #178
Written 29.5.09

Just to prove the point that I've been striving to make people believe since I was in middle 2 and was just a young writer: that writing poetry need not be about personal experience.. I am just tired of writing too many love poems.. I thought I'd take a break with this one! "But I'll come back soon ;)"

So evil poem!
I know how to hurt you,
I want to make you suffer,
Your love was never true;
You had nothing to offer.

You’re a worthless snake,
I really want to repay you,
I really want you to ache;
For breaking my heart in two.

Your life is a bunch of lies,
I was a priceless game to you,
Your love was evil in disguise,
I want your life to be through.

I want you out of my sight,
May you always live in pain,
May you never see the light,
I promise to drive you insane!

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 29, 2009

[Poem] What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around
Poem #177
Written 29.5.09

Dedicated to all those who torture us at CSED!.. Don’t take it badly people, these are just some funny thoughts :) … However, they’re true thoughts that many CSED students say when they are under pressure, asking God for REVENGE :D lol… I’m not one of them anyways, I don’t think revenge is the right idea. I believe in smart endless negotiations..!

Have an absolutely nice time! :D

With torture, our lives are bound,
But what goes around comes around,
Show no mercy, show no kindness,
Agonize us with unbearable stress,
But know that one day as life goes on,
You’ll experience what you’ve begun.
No matter how many years go by,
Be sure, the precious tears we cry,
Will come one day right back at you,
You’ll remember what you used to do,
You’ll think of the past that’s revived,
You’ll remember what we’ve survived,
You’ll feel so much pain and realize,
The importance of our screams and cries...

It reminds me with another poem that I've written about the same topic too :)

I Refuse to Keep My Mouth Shut
Poem #102
Written May 08

We refuse to keep our mouths shut
We won't give up, no matter what
We’re dignified and we’ll object
And all the maltreatment we'll reject

We're humans can't you see?
Why can't we just disagree!
Can't you listen and pay attention,
To our screaming-like objection?!

We demand actions not words
Because we're tired of being nerds
Broken promises is what we have now
But now, it's time to keep your vow

Our opinion: let us write it down
And our voices: don’t let them drown
Hear us, we demand from you
It is not something very hard to do


Smile, you're in CSED :D

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

[Poem] You Don't Want to Think of Me

You Don't Want to Think of Me
Poem #176

Written 29.5.09

I know you don’t want to think of me,
I know you want us both to be free,
I know you’re not listening to what I say,
I know you don’t know how much I pray,
But if you only give me a chance to speak,
Don’t worry; it won’t make you weak,
But even if it does, it’s nothing wrong!
True love is where you and I belong.
You have shut me out long time ago,
But I won’t give up; I won’t let you go;
I will hold on, fight the world for you,
I will go through hell, if I have to!
I will only let you go if you find someone,
And feel that she, not I, is your only one…
Otherwise, I’ll stick to you coz I know,
How much you’ve loved me long ago…

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

In Memory of Helen Keller

June 1st, 1968, the great legendary lady of courage Helen Keller died at the age of 87.

"I believe that life is given to us so we may grow in love,
and I believe that God is in me as the sun is in
the colour and fragrance of a flower.
The Light is my darkness, The Voice is my silence.
- Helen Keller

I recall this day every year and remember what this miraculous lady has done, what she represents and what she has proven to the whole world: that nothing is impossible...

Helen Keller today remains a woman whose astounding personality and accomplishments attract widespread admiration and awe. Her valiant life continues to raise complex thinking about her... Those of us with five senses are missing a sense of how Helen Keller thought with three. Helen Keller became known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World" and one of the foremost women of our time.

I look at Hellen Keller, I see a lot of things..One of them is how weak we are and how strong she was... We have everything in life, she had nothing; yet we are too weak to go on, and she was so brave and motivated. I wonder what motivated this unusual one-of-a-kind lady, I wonder what kept her go on. I believe it was her faith. The faith that she had a role in life to fulfil, knowing her life isn't for nothing, that everything has a reason, and that God's plan for us is always great.

Without her many disabilities, Helen Keller wasn't going to be the great person we look up at right now, I assume she was going to be like the rest of the ladies who lived at her time. However, she used her disabilities to write history.. And for me, Helen Keller is one of my all-time idols..

Many years ago, I saw a movie about Helen Keller's life and I decided to write about her. I wrote a very long essay and part of it was published in Teen Stuff magazine in its issue of March 2003. In the essay, I tried to inspire others as much as I was inspired by Helen Keller, and using the same belief I got from her, I used what God gave me to fulfil my role in life, which is, I believe, is inspiring others through my writings...

Of course if I re-write this essay now, I'll do it in a better way and say more stuff about this lady that inspired the world, however, it's enough to recall her life's story for anyone to be inspired..

read the essay here:
(my favourite part is her quotes at the end of the essay)

I hope you are inspired on this day!

God bless you..

I am so proud to be a writer, just as Helen Keller was. I just hope to be as influential..

"My life has been happy because I have had wonderful friends and plenty of interesting work to do, I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times, but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers. The wind passes, and the flowers are content." - Helen Keller

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Miss IGCSE :(

IGCSE days.. What can I say? They were the best days in my educational life!

Currently I'm a junior undergraduate student at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Computer and Systems Engineering Department. And even though I graduated from IGCSE in August 2005, but I still miss my IGCSE days so much :(

I can't really compare the style of education and the system I had at IGCSE with the current university system (which is totally chaotic).

When I was at IGCSE, I used to excel and at the same time be happy and be able to have a life.. Now, if I really want to excel, it's impossible to do so using the same studying techniques that I used as an IGCSE student and that I fought so hard to learn. Those techniques and facilities made education so enjoyable..We practiced and experienced: understanding, application, practice related to theory, quality of learning, learning useful modern stuff, using detailed and nice text books, having venues that can accomodate us comfortably, dealing with a very well-organized administration at Cambridge University (International Examinations), great activities and extracurricular events and competitions.. lots and lots of stuff..

At the Cambridge Excellence Awards Ceremony
British Council Alexandria, March 2006

When I was an IGCSE student, I was so successful because I liked what I was doing.. As for now, things are just out of control.. Regulations change at university according to no regular standard, nothing is systematic, nothing is measured, nothing is organized at all!

I really miss IGCSE.. I miss having an education where I actually learn and understand not just memorize and be spood-fed .. I miss talking and making suggestions and be heard, coz I was a very active well-known IGCSE student, I was even once invited to a special lunch with the British Minister for Culture, Media and Sport and the British Ambassador to Egypt. I also took part in many activities with the British Council..

Those who think we were pampered at IGCSE are totally wrong, IGCSE is not like the American Diploma (sorry guys!).. We learned MORE and had harder times than people who are in the Egyptian Thanaweyya Amma, I myself went to school (Alexandria International School) everyday and I didn't go even for once to private lessons or classes.. What made things easier for us is that we actually LOVED what we did, we chose our own subjects, and we learned with PASSION.. We had 3 years of high school (not just two like in thanaweyya amma), with hardly a one-month vacation a year, and we still enjoyed what we did to the fullest!

I know things at IGCSE are different now, especially at my ex-school, but no matter how different they are, and no matter what.. IGCSE is in my eyes the unique model for ideal and REAL education that lasts forever..

Some of writings and memories when I was at IGCSE --> My IGCSE page:

Some pages about the excellence award ceremony I took part in on our lovely IGCSE website FlyingColours:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FIFA Confederations Cup - South Africa 2009

I can't wait to watch the matches!

Every summer there's a championship, full of enjoyment, cheers, stress and screams!
This year, it's the confederations cup.. But no matter what cup it is, I'm always cheering for ITALY!

As an Italian fan for 9 years so far, I'm so excited about the return of Marcello Lippi as a coach for the Squadra Azzura.. I can't wait to see Italy winning this cup! I really hope they do!

here's the matches schedule:

First Italy's match will be on June 15th!

brace yourselves Italy faaaaans!!!

My precious Adidas match ball replica
from World Cup Germany '06 :D

Can't waaaait !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Blog's Statistics

Two days ago, I noticed an unusual activity and a rapid increase in the number of visitors to my blog.. according to the site meter ( I have on the blog, the visitors were just 600, and suddenly they began reaching 900!! I wondered if this is all my friends..! Of course that was not my friends.. but I realized that everyone who searched for any keywords from أغنية الطفولة was directed to my blog..

I went to my account on sitemeter, and I found amazing options that I haven't noticed before, about the number of visitors, the identity of each visitor (country, city, Internet Service Provider and even the Operating System that was used!!) and how to track the links that directed each visitor to the blog (A real amazing site! thanks site meter) and that's how I knew about the post's fame..

The post about أغنية الطفولة was about the beautiful song, that people from all over the world started searching for a lot after it was sung in StarAcademy 6 last week.

here's the post's link:

People from countries like (Morocco, Lebanon, Sudan, France, Germany, Canada, Palestine, Israel, South Africa, Egypt) started accessing the blog and suddenly my blog became number 1 in search results about the song on google!

Actually it's the first time for me to post something that just booms internationally this way on the Internet.. I just hope that my poetry can boom in the same way!

Thanks to all the visitors, I hope to always post stuff that people like!


[Poem] Far Away

Far Away
Poem #173

Written 25.5.09

I feel you’re so far away,
Getting farther each day;

Like I won’t see you again,
It makes me go insane.

You’re not around, not here;

I’m filled with deadly fear,

That I may never be with you;

It makes me feel so blue.

Will my eyes ever see your face?

Will we ever be in one place?
Will I ever touch your hand?

Will I ever beside you stand?

I don’t know what life will bring,
But I am scared of just one thing,
If I can’t be with you then I’m dead,
It’s what keeps running in my head.

I speak to my pillow about my fear;
She understands, she’s my ear,

But she can’t tell me if one day,

God will bind you to my way.

So I hope, wish, write, pray,

Promise you my love will stay…

I trust God; my faith is strong,

That His answer won’t take long…

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

أغنية الطفولة

Lebanon, you're always the artist of beautiful stuff!!

I saw this song once on TV, and I wanted to share it with you..
The first performance is from a girl from Star Academy called Bassma..She actually performs well (not the best of course, especially the way she pronounces TAH in Arabic) but she's really good and emotional, she even made me tear when she cried a lot in the end!

The second one is the original song.. THE MOST AMAZING Carole Samaha, with a very powerful performance that makes you shiver!!!

I totally love this song!!!

اغنية الطفوله
كلمات:منصور الرحباني
الحان وتوزيع: اسامة الرحباني
أغنيتي للطفل والطفولة
لضحكة البراءة الخجولة
لصبية يلهون بالتراب
اصواتهم تفتح الف باب
من قصص في شرقنا بخيلة
اغنيتي طائرة تنادي
في شرقنا لم يزهر الحرمان
اما لهذا الطفل في بلادي
كما لطفل اخر حنان
فبعض اطفال العرب
في الحرب يولدون
في الحرب يكبرون
يساهرون الخوف والبطولة
لا حب لا تاريخ لا طفوله
غدا يطل الازرق الصباح
غدا غدا اطفالنا الصباح
رغد وعلم ومدى سماح
وللسلام رفة الجناح
اطفالنا رجاؤنا
غدا هم التغيير
ووثبة التحرير
يا قصة في البال مستحيلة
كانت فصارت لعبة الطفولة

P.S. If you want to download any of these videos, get their youtube link, then replace with get2pc

تحميل download the mp3 version of Carole Samaha

[Poem] Will You Accept Me?

Will You Accept Me?
Poem #172
Written 24.5.09

Will you bear me when I’m mad?

Will you accept me when I’m bad?

Will you heal my heart when I’m sad,

And make me forget the miseries I had?

When I shout and worries fill me,

My mood becomes like a rough sea,

Will you be there and closely hug me?

And from distress, will you set me free?

When all things go crazy and wrong,

Will you be my peaceful serenity song?

Will you calm me, make me feel strong?

Will you hold and bear me all along?

I know I’m not good enough for you,

I know there’re lots of bad things I do.

You’re an angel; I don’t deserve you,

But you know my love is totally true…

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

[Poem] You're Not for Me

The idea in this poem is something I've wanted to express for quite some time.. I really wanted to say those words! I was going to write an essay but I didn't have the time, so I'm so glad I managed to put it this way!

I've seen a lot of situations in life, where girls' decisions weren't really respected in critical situations.. But not all people and all times are the same! In this era, there are girls who are strong and know how to control things! Everyone should be given the control of his/her own future and decisions.

For example, no one should go ask to marry a girl without even knowing who this girl is or talking to her; girls are not dolls in the Muppet Show! A lot of people these days choose a girl to marry based on her looks or educational certificate, like in Egypt (doctors should marry doctors, pharmacists should marry pharmacists..etc). (I remember once last summer, a lady who I haven't ever seen before and who didn't even know my name, came to talk to me IN THE STREET about her son!!!! No need to know what I told her LOL)

If someone wants to marry a girl, he himself (not his parents) should talk to her, he should like her, they should test each other, and then BOTH should decide if they want each other or not.. A guy should not just make some kind of contract to "reserve" a girl with her parents and by doing this, he guarantees he got someone waiting for him somewhere on the planet to marry him whenever he pleases!!! (-->My essay about true love)

What I wanna say is, choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is something people should do with more open-mindedness .. GUYS, we're in the 21st century for God's sake!!!

You’re Not for Me
Poem #171
Written 24.5.09

You’re not for me; you should know,
You need to leave, you need to go.
What you did was wrong and bad;
You’ve driven me extremely mad.
You think of me like a prize to a game,
That you’ll come one day to claim.
I’m not a ‘thing’ you need to win,
I have real feelings deep within!
“Love” is what you should find,
Not just a nerd or a smart mind!
You think I don’t know what you do,
But I’ve known all the way through!
All your moves were totally wrong,
Since the very start and all along…
You think you’re sure of what I’ll say;
You think I’ll let you come my way…
But you’re mistaken; It’s not for me,
This is not how I want my life to be!
I’m so lively, I know how to have fun,
To me, you’re certainly not the one.
Our priorities in life are not the same,
And I hate feeling so old and lame!
So I’ve had to say these words before,
I’ll let you leave through my door,
I’ll do my best not to make it painful,
But you really have to be so careful!

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 22, 2009

[Poem] Uniquely Loving You - Parts I & II

Uniquely Loving You

Poems #169, 170

Written 22.5.09

I was reading "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and I was inspired to write this poem…After some time, I was inspired to write part 2 of it .. It's the first time for me to write a two-part poem.. I hope it's not that bad after all!

Part I

I want to love you so differently,

I want care for you so gently,

By showing approval; accepting you,

Telling you I’ll never blame you.

Even if it’s truly your mistake,

I won’t care, my trust won’t shake;

I know you can fix and mend all,

Big or small, you make things whole.

In my eyes, you’re the one and only,

With whom I’ll never feel lonely,

The one who fixes my incompleteness,

And frees me from anger and distress,

Because you know all about me,

You insightfully understand and see,

You’re wise and amazingly unique,

You’re the one I immensely seek!

That’s why I incomparably love you,

With a love that’s not just true;

A love that uses no clichés to speak,

A love so smart, knowledgeable and unique…

Part II

My idea of showing love is typical;

It’s always poetic; so lyrical,

Coz I don’t have a helpful clue,

About another novel thing to do!

You deserve a love so heavenly,

That I do my best to show openly,

By speaking those words and rhymes,

By being artistic or silly sometimes…

I want to show you what I have inside;

Affirm that I’ll be here by your side,

Love you in a hugely ineffable way,

Fill you with joy that won’t go away,

Encourage you to do your best,

Make you feel thoroughly blessed…

Hoping that after all this you’ll feel,

How I want “US” to be so ideal.

I hope you don’t mind that I write,

When I express love, it gives delight,

Because it’s my way to uniquely tell you,

That you’re the one my heart sticks to!

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.