Thursday, January 28, 2010

[Poem] I Don't Deserve to Have You

I Don't Deserve to Have You
Poem #246
Written 27.1.2010

This poem is inspired from my own idea of the “fairness of life”, that I personally believe that one can’t get everything he/she wants from life and that when God gives something, He takes something else instead. But He knows the priorities of the things we should have, and things we shouldn’t.
However, I have realized that in our lives, we have too many good things that we are not thankful for. This ‘thankfulness’ spirit is the thing that most of us miss: we don’t actually thank God enough for what we have, because when we look at the things that we have that many others don't have, we find ourselves very blessed…
Mainly the story of this lady inspired me a lot…Watch it here (with English Subtitles)
Part 1
Part 2

This was how the idea of this poem popped into my head…

I certainly don’t deserve to have you,
I’ve had too many blessings in life,
Including meeting and loving you,
It’d be too perfect if I’m your wife…

But in this world, no body gets it all,
There has to be some sacrifice,
So, am I ready to take this fall?
Am I ready to pay life this price?

I am not sure I’ll be able to live,
If my life is going to exclude you,
But I know I’ll have to forgive,
This fate that from me stole you…

And after it’s over, my broken heart,
Will keep and cherish your memories,
It will love you even when we’re apart,
And I will still sing those sad melodies…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, January 22, 2010

[Poem] Your Right to Forget Me

Your Right to Forget Me
Poem #245
Written 22.1.2010

It’s totally your right to forget me,
I can’t blame you, you are free…
But my heart wants to blame you,
Because of the feelings it has for you,
The feelings which give my life a meaning,
My only source of peace and healing…
But my heart feels hurt and sad,
There’s pain you continue to add…
You can love again but what about me?
I can’t accept anyone else to have me…
There is nothing I know now for sure,
Except all this pain I daily endure,
Except tears that silently come down,
In a sea of loneliness, in which I drown…
Can you save me? Or is it too late?
Can you have me? Or isn’t it my fate?


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artificial Intelligence 2010 Final Exam

This is not to mock the exam by any means.. but the exam has to be written my way :D

Artificial Intelligence 2010 Final Exam
"Just for fun" :D

Q1) You have a very smart First Order Logic (FOL) set of predicates. You want to prove that these predicates are either consistent or valid or just some nonsense. 

a) Show that green frogs get cancer if they live in polluted areas.
b) Find the probability that if whales are fish, they would still entail S.
c) Prove formally that AI stands for "Anti-Intelligent" using PL or FOL.
d) Write a PROLOG program that shows that Agents are NP complete. 
e) Use resolution to decide how happy students are if the course has no final.
f) What does PL, FOL, WARD, YASMEEN stand for ?
g) What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity? State 2 advantages and disadvantages of each.
h) This question is bonus (like all the extra super bonuses in lectures :D) 

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Information Systems 2010 Final Exam

This is not to mock the exam by any means.. but the exam has to be written my way :D

Information Systems 2010 Final Exam
"Just for fun" :D

Q1) You have an object oriented database with multiple objects: monkeys, donkeys, cookies and so on. You need to perform range partitioning on the database such that the support of each donkey is greater than the support of the monkey.

a) Find the total cost of buying all cookies.
b) Perform Apriori algorithm on the itemset.
c) Find the confidence of monkeys versus donkeys, your answer should show that birds are more confident than all animals in the itemset.
d) If you have 1 distributed lock manager in the system, how many zoos can accommodate all animals in the warehouse?
e) Find the minimal cost plan in terms of weight of animals, if you want to transfer them from site 1 to site 2, to answer the coordinator's query?
f) Make a star, galaxy, milky way, planetarium and comet schemas for the previous system, assuming parallel nested loop join.
g) Who is "Mucky"??

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Networks 2010 Final Exam

Networks 2010 final exam
"Just for fun" :D -> though very much similar to the real exam lol :D 

Q1: You want to build a transport layer to make reliable data transfer from Mars to Venus using a camera on Earth. The camera's segmented message will have a hidden value "X" to prove that it's a real message not a SYN attack from a "bad guy"..

a) how many aliens do you need to answer the exam?
b) how can you capture the image of the weirdest alien?
c) Define: "ya 7'ayeb" according to the Marsian vocabulary.
d) Suggest another definition other than the one you mentioned in (c). Discuss pros, cons, alternatives and solutions to the problems of the definition you just mentioned.
e) What is "X"? What are the problems of this approach?

Good luck in the rest of the exams :D

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Friday, January 15, 2010

[Poem] I Don't Need Dreams

I Don't Need Dreams
Poem #244
Written 15.1.2010

Usually, at night, people have dreams,
But, too bad, I don’t have any dreams,
I wish I did, so that in them I host you,
Knowing that you’ll make them come true…
But I don’t need any dreams to see you,
You’re in front of me in everything I do…

I see you in a little girl’s innocent smile,
Spreading joy, making life worthwhile…
I see you in a unique magical love song,
With a melody that never goes wrong…
I see you in a bird that, like no other, soars,
With its wisdom, opening all closed doors…

So, I don’t need to see you in any dreams,
Everywhere around me, your love gleams,
It guides me in every tough step I take,
It helps me in any puzzling decision I make,
And I have you locked up in my tiny heart,
That’s why from me you’re never apart…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[Poem] Little, Scared and Insecure

Little, Scared and Insecure
Poem #243
Written 11.1.10

I feel little, scared and insecure…
Can you help me fight and endure?
Can you strengthen me and hold me?
Can you give me peace and assure me,
That this messy life will be alright,
That all these sad days will be bright,
That I can win by being who I am,
That I can beat and rise above them,
Those who are filling my days with fear,
Stealing my joy with a threat so near…
So can you be here for me; I need you?
Can you lead me to a life that is new?
A life where smiles are never-ending,
A life where happiness is transcending…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

[Poem] Rest and Scream

Rest and Scream
Poem #242
Written 11.1.10

I need to rest, I have to sleep!
But I need to talk, and even scream!
Am I sinking? The sea looks too deep,
Are things as bad as they seem?

Where am I heading, I can’t see,
I’m blindfolded, am I being killed?
But even if my body seizes to be,
My soul is alive, not to be killed…

But I want to be left in peace, alone,
Can I run away from this all?
I want to rest silently on my own,
I’m not a coward, but I’m not whole…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, January 4, 2010

مديح كيهكي نادر للثالوث القدوس

مديح نادر للثالوث القدوس يقال على الهوس الثالث ( أي قبله) في شهر كيهك المبارك
قاله الشمامسة بحضور نيافة الأنبا رافائيل لأول مرة في تسبحة كيهك يوم الاثنين 4 يناير  2010 بالكنيسة المرقسية بكلوت بك
المديح رائع جدا
كلماته طقسية عقائدية أورثوذكسية عميقة
ولحنه نادر يختلف من شطر لآخر، يبدأ هادئاً أول كل بيت ويعلو بالتدريج ثم ينخفض في نهاية البيت
ويبدأ كل شطر بآخر نغمة من الشطر الذي يسبقه

حمل المديح صوت من هنا
هذه هي النسخة الوحيدة المسجلة للحن حتى الآن بصوت المعلم زاهر، بطيئة بعض الشيء لكنها ذات جودة جيدة

مأخوذ عن موقع لجنة الألحان واللغة القبطية بأسقفية الشباب

[Poem] I Don’t Want to Marry You

I Don’t Want to Marry You
Poem #241
Written 3.1.10

"My first poem in 2010"
2010 for me marks a decade of writing English poetry..

This poem is inspired by an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, where there was a lady who said that she loved her husband more than she loved her kids and there was a lot of controversy about what she said…

The thoughts I express in the poem aren’t exactly what I believe in personally, but I believe they’re worth writing!

As usual, don't relate it personally to me :) it's just from my imagination!

I love you so, but I don’t want to marry you,
I’m scared to death about losing you,
I’ll be jealous if you love our kids more,
I want to be the only one you’ll ever adore…
If I marry you, I’ll have nothing more to wish for,
My prayers won’t be as strong as before,
Yes, I’ll be in heaven, life will be too complete,
But will everything one day not be as sweet?
I can’t lose any of what I’ll have at all,
I won’t bear it; I won’t take the fall…
But in spite of any crazy thought in my head,
You’ll always be my love until I’m dead!


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.