Monday, May 24, 2010

[Poem] In CSED, Life Is Always Cool

In CSED, Life Is Always Cool
Poem #294
Written 24.5.10

 I've of course written about many poeple in CSED: Eng Amr Ebeid, Eng M Amir, and of course Dr Moustafa Amin (check )
 But this time, I tried to write about more people and more memories, sorry if I couldn't include everyone and everything :) I'll do my best next time! 

In CSED, life is always cool,
Whether you are smart or a fool,
You might experience good days,
But mostly, it’s only severe craze!

Your code is good, but it won’t run,
But there is no excuse for anyone,
It’s your fault if the server is down,
So, relax, take it easy, don’t frown!

Projects for individuals or groups,
We keep running in circles, loops,
During lectures, we are so sleepy,
Coz the syllabuses are really creepy!

The idea of bonus is really much fun!
“I have plenty of bonus for everyone”
All is fair in bonus, compete or kill!
Until you successfully fulfil your will…

In everything you are thinking of,
Do it all with tender, care and love,
A book is more delicious than a cake,
So, read for as long as you can take!

Performance chapters are endless,
We understand nothing, it’s a mess!
And we’ll open up a cyber for games,
According to Dr Sahar’s claims!

As for patterns, clusters and classes,
The running time quickly passes,
Bear only a couple of hours or days,
To run the algorithm in many ways!

But automatic control is still on top,
A continuous torture that can’t stop,
And even after we are done with it,
It still haunts us; we don’t even feel it!

Once in a while you can hear him say,
Using his usual mocking scary way:
“You’re all losers, you won’t make it,
Your TA is a loser, you all should quit”

Some TAs were different and unique,
They’d never want to hear you speak,
They write with their fingers, not chalk,
And you can’t understand their talk!

And during our last section this year,
Ahmed Essam gave us a good cheer,
He’s been a good TA with his advice,
Like many TAs who were just as nice…

Bassiouny simply explained everything,
He treated us modestly, he was smiling!
One of the really kindest people to us,
Who never used to make any fuss!

Michael Atef wants to make money,
“I want to get married”, it was funny,
Victor always standing up at the back,
While a photo is being shot by Sammak!

And when we are about to get bored,
Habak or Victor elaborate on the board,
Abdelrahman can argue for so long,
If he thinks the solution is wrong…

It’s almost over, as this year ends,
But we’re still more than good friends,
We have laughed and we have learned,
There’s so much that has been earned…

As we graduate, we can’t forget our past,
We’ve shared many memories to last,
Laughs, cries… fights, food and much fun,
A love, a life that will never be undone…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 21, 2010

[Poem] Then You’re in CSED

Then You’re in CSED
Poem #293
Written 20.5.10

Today we delivered our last project in CSED… Certainly not the last thing to do before graduation, but it’s something that inspired me to write a poem among the many that I have written for CSED :D

Then you’re in CSED; where CSED == Computer and Systems Engineering Department :)

If you forgot what it means to enjoy,
If your life lacks your sense of joy,
If you miss being once a young boy,
Then you’re in CSED!

If your thoughts are filled with code,
If you don’t notice cars on the road,
If you always feel like you’ll explode,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you consider your laptop your son,
Your desktop background is no fun,
And you’re always up until dawn,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you usually don’t comb your hair,
Never caring about what you wear,
Even if you’ll walk with your feet bare,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you are accustomed to headache,
If going to the bathroom is your break,
Coz the load is more than you can take,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you ask for a router for your birthday,
And 5 a.m. is when you start your day,
If you’re weird, even when you play,
Then you’re in CSED!

If your parents are the last you meet,
You’re tired of this thing called “sheet”,
If “pizza” and “croissant” are all you eat,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you wear glasses, if you’re a hunchback,
Carrying a laptop in your heavy backpack,
Arranging your tasks in a queue or a stack,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you smile when you’re called “geek”,
If you forget the days of the week,
If everyone alive thinks you’re a freak!
Then you’re in CSED!

If you dream of huge bugs chasing you,
Your dream might really come true,
But you’ll never know what to do!
Then you’re in CSED!

If you think of name as “namespace”,
If your mind thinks “debug” and “trace”,
If your life is one big challenging race,
Then you're in CSED!

If you’re always wearing your jeans,
Your life is mainly about Netbeans,
Running K-medoids and K-means,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you always think of a tree to span,
You think you’ll name your kid “Zahn”,
You hate the day your poor life began,
Then you're in CSED!

If you hear “projects” more than “hello”,
You’re almost dead from the overflow,
You beg the class to entirely say “No!”
But you’re in CSED!

Anyhow, rejoice, class of 2010!
There will be no CSED again,
You will taste your freedom soon,
Just wait, till the end of June :)


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 14, 2010

[Poem] I Saw Benjy - Benjamin Zephaniah

I Saw Benjy - Benjamin Zephaniah
Poem #291
Written 14.5.10

I attended a performance today by the great poet Benjamin Zephaniah and I was so impressed and inspired by him! He even asked me to say one of my poems to him but I memorized none and of course my mind was BLANK while I was talking to him :( He is a role model for me really! 

I saw Benjy, his rhythm is strong and fun,
His face is dark, yet, lit like shining sun,
He spreads hope, he touches his audience,
His poetry is artistic, his feelings are intense,
He is down to earth and nice to his fans,
Who were so inspired by his performance!
He talks about his poems and enchants you,
His style is unique, amazing and very new,
I feel proud; I won’t even wash my hands,
Coz I was honoured to shake his hands :)


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[Poem] Where Is He?

Where Is He?
Poem #289
Written 12.5.10

I want someone to take care of me,
Not blindly blaming and judging me,
I need a real man with a kind heart,
That can never live if we are apart;
Like I need him, I want to be needed,
And my expectations to be exceeded…
I wish I can find the comfort, the love,
The happiness I’ve always dreamt of,
That only one man can make me feel,
Where is he? Is he even alive and real?
Where can I find my awaited dream?
When will my life become supreme?


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 10, 2010

[Poem] Will You Be the One?

Will You Be the One?
Poem #287
Written 10.5.10

Will you be the one to undo the pain,
The love that drives my heart insane?
Will you deeply see through my eyes;
Understanding my laughs and cries?
Before I ask, will you be what I need;
And be my man, who takes the lead?
Will you have courage to apologize;
And be a mind so peaceful and wise?
Will you tenderly hold me if I weep,
And softly kiss me when I’m asleep?
Can you be all this and more to me;
Enchanting, inspiring and keeping me?


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

[Poem] To Be More than the One

To Be More than the One
Poem #286
Written 5.5.10

I just watched the movie "27 Dresses" and the last couple of minutes and scenes in the movie inspired me to write this poem :)

I might have been faking many things;
Many words, expressions and feelings,
But my love is not something that hides,
Because your eyes dive into my insides;
You look at me the way I want you to,
You inspire me with the things you do…
At first I wasn’t ready to let go of me,
But with you, I became absolutely free,
I’m cherished, loved, more than ever,
You say you want to have me forever,
It feels so right and magical to do so,
I’m enchained, I don’t want to let go,
I want to be locked in your big heart,
That I’ll never willingly want to depart,
I thought I was happy but I was wrong,
Coz I’ve been waiting for you all along,
To unlock the doors to all my dreams,
To raise me up to happiness’ extremes,
To make me feel I deserve all this love,
To be more than the one I dreamt of…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 3, 2010

[Poem] Spring Came

Spring Came
Poem #285
Written 2.5.10

Spring came, and I’m still here,
Troubled, stumbling with fear,
And what does the world hide?
I wonder if I can find my pride…
Deep inside me, there is more,
Ideas, feelings I need to explore,
Mysteries I need to understand,
For that, I need a helping hand…
I need an answer, I need a clue,
I eagerly asked everyone I knew,
No one has the right cure for me,
Spring; is it your time to heal me?


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.