Thursday, May 14, 2009

[Poem] I Want to Love You More

I Want to Love You More

Poem #161

Written 13.5.09


A very simple poem, with very simple words.. but it shows an idea that I consider important..


Today as I put myself to sleep,

I had some thoughts; so deep…

I thought of my possible life with you,

And how much I love you.

I was so scared of the day,

When you might go away.

I thought about my love to you,

How tremendous it is, how true…

But I was hit by worry and fear;

That because you are not here,

My love may grow less,

That there will never be “US”…

I wanted to love you more,

To worship, adore and die for,

To tell you what no one’s told,

What in my heart I’ll always hold…

I want my love to always be so true,

But no matter how much I love you,

It’ll never be enough or fill my heart.

And even though we’re far apart,

I promise to make this love grow,

And I’ll always write to let you know,

That even if the whole world is altered,

My love will always be unaltered…

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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