Wednesday, March 11, 2009

[Poem] To Be Good and Feel Okay

I don't want anyone who reads the following poem to think that I'm depressed or anything! this is just a poem like any other poem I've written .. Usually, I am a cheerful crazy person :D

However, I think this time I've written this poem this way because I was in some kind of a bad mood and I wanted to let go of some thoughts.. :) That's all! Everyone gets to go into those dull moods sometimes, don't they?!

I certainly hope you'll like this poem ;) Don't forget the FEEDBACK GUYS!! it's the most important thing!!

To Be Good and Feel Okay
Poem # 152
Written 10.3.2009

I want to write something that rhymes,

Maybe some simple joyful new lines.

I need to be happy and feel good,

I wish to fly higher than anyone could,

Beating the odds, being extremely free,

Coz I don’t want to drown in life’s sea…

This tough road makes me feel down,

And my inner peace, I haven’t found.

I’ll send my soul to soar in the skies,

Bravely, freely; with no bounding ties,

Pursuing the dreams I want to seize,

Joined by a love that calms rough seas.

I know life can’t be easy all the time,

But I ache for this happiness to be mine…

I want to be good and feel okay,

Will my wishes come true someday?