Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On Loneliness, Humanity & Love

Just as @PRullezz once told me, "the world won't get better by any way rather than us being there for each other". Humanity is more valuable than any other materialistic goal; I hope Robin Williams' death sends a message. Love the people around you and tell them you love them, you might be saving their lives that way, don’t wait till it’s too late…

Loneliness is the worst feeling we can suffer, it embodies all the helplessness, unlovingness, hopelessness and loss of goal, purpose and support.

Humanity is not something we should take for granted, but something we should be aware of and practicing every day until it becomes naturally embedded in our lives. Don’t regret the time you spend with other people, other fellow humans, if they need your time, be happy to give it to them without pity, it will never go to waste. I wish people become more aware, more caring towards each other. I think of it myself, and I don’t want to die alone, I don’t want to suffer alone either.

Take a break for a day, think of all the people you know, think of your role towards humanity, see what you can help with and how you can, and work for the better cause, by developing and showing unconditional love and tenderness. Give this unconditional love without waiting for return, no matter how cliché you think this sentence it, trust me, practicing it is enjoyable despite its difficulty.

Enjoy loving people and caring for humanity