Thursday, March 3, 2011

Concerning My Posts and Writings

Hello everyone!

Today I'll just go out of my political writings track for a while and speak quickly about something important to me.

Lately, I've noticed that most people take posts, statuses, links or tweets on social networks more seriously than they really mean, whether politically or personally. I wanted just to say that it's not typically me to try to criticize something or someone by only pointing at him/her and not mentioning the person in specific. For example, I wanted to criticize Samah Anwar, I mentioned every single bit of details about why I'm mad at her, I wanted to thank my mother, I mentioned details as well.

Therefore, I'll simply ask you not to try to take things more than they really mean. I do agree that sometimes some people would feel I'm talking about them or trying to point at them anonymously, but that's not typically me. I'm just speaking my mind off when I post anything, and when I have something against someone, I mention it right in his/her face, unless I don't know this person or his/her name.

I believe in civilized talks and negotiations, that's why I take criticism in public with people I know, because I trust that this gives best results. If I'm angry with someone, I'll go talk to the person right away, if I have a problem at work or church, I'll be so proactive and try to solve and report the problem very soon, just as the Holy Bible said:
"If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother." (Matthew 18:15)

And of course, I won't post about issues randomly pointing at anyone and hoping that they're smart enough to understand, that's certainly not me! I like speaking words straightly, wisely and to the point.

One last thing to mention since we're here already, disagreeing with political views doesn't mean that I disagree with a personality, but with merely an opinion. I don't like fighting over different point of views. Freedom of opinions are more than guaranteed while speaking with me as long as there are no personal insults :)

Thanks for reading!