Sunday, May 24, 2009

أغنية الطفولة

Lebanon, you're always the artist of beautiful stuff!!

I saw this song once on TV, and I wanted to share it with you..
The first performance is from a girl from Star Academy called Bassma..She actually performs well (not the best of course, especially the way she pronounces TAH in Arabic) but she's really good and emotional, she even made me tear when she cried a lot in the end!

The second one is the original song.. THE MOST AMAZING Carole Samaha, with a very powerful performance that makes you shiver!!!

I totally love this song!!!

اغنية الطفوله
كلمات:منصور الرحباني
الحان وتوزيع: اسامة الرحباني
أغنيتي للطفل والطفولة
لضحكة البراءة الخجولة
لصبية يلهون بالتراب
اصواتهم تفتح الف باب
من قصص في شرقنا بخيلة
اغنيتي طائرة تنادي
في شرقنا لم يزهر الحرمان
اما لهذا الطفل في بلادي
كما لطفل اخر حنان
فبعض اطفال العرب
في الحرب يولدون
في الحرب يكبرون
يساهرون الخوف والبطولة
لا حب لا تاريخ لا طفوله
غدا يطل الازرق الصباح
غدا غدا اطفالنا الصباح
رغد وعلم ومدى سماح
وللسلام رفة الجناح
اطفالنا رجاؤنا
غدا هم التغيير
ووثبة التحرير
يا قصة في البال مستحيلة
كانت فصارت لعبة الطفولة

P.S. If you want to download any of these videos, get their youtube link, then replace with get2pc

تحميل download the mp3 version of Carole Samaha


Unknown said...

كيف بعملها دون لود بليز

Evronia said...

بتدوسي على زرار اللي مكتوب عليه
اول لما الفيديو يشتغل
زي مانا شرحت في اخر الكلام
وقوليلي عرفتي او لا

Hayona said...

great song!

but where can i find the song without the video ! mp3 ?

thxx ! kisses from Saudi Arabia :*

Evronia said...

Hi Hayona
thanks a lot!
greetings from Egypt!

here it is, I extracted the mp3 from the video then I uploaded it just for u!

hope you like it!

Hayona said...

awww :$
sooo sweet of :**

thx alot! u r the BEST :* <3

but I wanna ask u how did u do that !?

cuz i wanna do it :P

Evronia said...

actually i downloaded the video (there are many ways to download a youtube video, one of them is explained at the end of the post) then I extracted the audio using the getflv program (you can download a trial version of it online)


Hayona said...


I think i can't do it :\

anyway thank u soo much!! :D

i wanna ask u another fav. plz :P

can u do it extracted the mp3 from Bassma's video :S

if u don't have time it's ok!

kisses from Riyadh :*

Evronia said...

here's a link

tell me if it will work or not ;)

Hayona said...

yeaa thxxxx ! :***
<3 <3

Evronia u r the best :**

Evronia said...

merci dear, i'm glad it helped :)

Hayona said...

:D (f)