Sunday, May 24, 2009

[Poem] You're Not for Me

The idea in this poem is something I've wanted to express for quite some time.. I really wanted to say those words! I was going to write an essay but I didn't have the time, so I'm so glad I managed to put it this way!

I've seen a lot of situations in life, where girls' decisions weren't really respected in critical situations.. But not all people and all times are the same! In this era, there are girls who are strong and know how to control things! Everyone should be given the control of his/her own future and decisions.

For example, no one should go ask to marry a girl without even knowing who this girl is or talking to her; girls are not dolls in the Muppet Show! A lot of people these days choose a girl to marry based on her looks or educational certificate, like in Egypt (doctors should marry doctors, pharmacists should marry pharmacists..etc). (I remember once last summer, a lady who I haven't ever seen before and who didn't even know my name, came to talk to me IN THE STREET about her son!!!! No need to know what I told her LOL)

If someone wants to marry a girl, he himself (not his parents) should talk to her, he should like her, they should test each other, and then BOTH should decide if they want each other or not.. A guy should not just make some kind of contract to "reserve" a girl with her parents and by doing this, he guarantees he got someone waiting for him somewhere on the planet to marry him whenever he pleases!!! (-->My essay about true love)

What I wanna say is, choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is something people should do with more open-mindedness .. GUYS, we're in the 21st century for God's sake!!!

You’re Not for Me
Poem #171
Written 24.5.09

You’re not for me; you should know,
You need to leave, you need to go.
What you did was wrong and bad;
You’ve driven me extremely mad.
You think of me like a prize to a game,
That you’ll come one day to claim.
I’m not a ‘thing’ you need to win,
I have real feelings deep within!
“Love” is what you should find,
Not just a nerd or a smart mind!
You think I don’t know what you do,
But I’ve known all the way through!
All your moves were totally wrong,
Since the very start and all along…
You think you’re sure of what I’ll say;
You think I’ll let you come my way…
But you’re mistaken; It’s not for me,
This is not how I want my life to be!
I’m so lively, I know how to have fun,
To me, you’re certainly not the one.
Our priorities in life are not the same,
And I hate feeling so old and lame!
So I’ve had to say these words before,
I’ll let you leave through my door,
I’ll do my best not to make it painful,
But you really have to be so careful!

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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cse-student said...

اولا ..انا حاتكلم عن الموضوع اللي حضرتك اتكلمتي عليه ..مش الشعر ..اصل صراحة لغاية دلوقتي مش بحب الشعر الانجليزي ..مش بحس فيه بالعاطفة او الجمال اللي بيكون في الشعر العربي
بالنسبة للموضوع ..
بالنسبة ان الولد يصارح الفتاة اللي بيحبها ..مسألة صعبة جدا جدا جدا ..
مش بس عشان مجتمعنا ..لكن فعلا بيكون الموقف صعب ..لأن في احتمال قائم انها ترفضه وده ساعات بيكون اشد واصعب بكتير على الولد
ساعتها بيحس ان كرامته اتبهدلت ..
اينعم انا مش بحب انه يكون كده ..
وخاصة ان الحياة فرص ..والحياة مش حتقف على الموقف ده يعني ..
لكن يظل برضه موقف صعب ..

نقطة كمان ..ان الموقف ذات نفسه صعب يتعكس ..يعني مينفعش بنت تروح لولد تقوله لو سمحت انا بحبك وعايزة اخطبك ..
يعني كده كده الولد هو الللي لازم ياخد المبادرة
وعشان كده بيحاول يتأكد انها حتوافق عليه الاول وبعد كده بيروح يكلمها ..
طبعا باتفق معاك على ان مينفعش حد يتجوز حد عشان مكانته ولا عشان منصبه ولا عشان الجمال ..
الحاجات دي بتروح مع الزمن ..

اتمنى اني اكون وضحت وجهة نظري عشان انا في الردود اللي من النوع ده بحس ان كلامي مالوش علاقة ببعضه
نروح نكمل waka-waka