Friday, December 31, 2010

[An Aramex Experience] When More Money Means Better Service

As far as I know, Aramex is a Jordanian company. I was exited that there is an Arab company that reached such success in becoming a well known international courier service.

I have experienced an unjustified delay in receiving packages 2 months ago shipped by Aramex, I complained online and they apologized. I thought well, these people are nice, why not try them again?  So I decided to deal with Aramex to ship some important documents, especially that their rates are really good.

I shipped two packages on the 20th and 21st of December and they should have taken 4 days to arrive to the required destination in the US, they took. .. well I don't know how long because they haven't arrived till now!

Snapshots for my packages status taken from their system today on December 31st at 2:40 am.
Notice the absence of updates from 22nd till 27th till the 31st ? What's the package doing? Where is it? 
Given that airports and flights were working during this time. Only JFK airport was closed for two days during the week, and not during the period between 22nd & 27th.  

Notice the non meaningful updates on the shipment which is always at the 'local facility' ? as well as the absence of updates from the 23rd till the 27th.  Please don't mention "Christmas Holidays" because as far as I know, when I have late shipments and overdue work, I should work even during the holidays.. Other people's lives are on stake here!!  

OK, when I saw the update due to the weather, I filed a complaint on their website. One thing Aramex is good at is responding to complaints fast and well. But I was trying to be polite so I didn't say I will complain or write on my blog and that stuff.. They called me and promised they will ship it to destination the next day.. and here I am! No updates on one shipment and the other one has nothing except this 'local facility' annoying thing.. and no delivery!!!

Why am I mad?
Those packages are critical for me, I've shipped them early enough and they should arrive at a certain date and no later, otherwise I'll experience huge harm and damage.. So what I've done was that I went to their website, elaborated on the complaint, requested reimbursement and compensation. I was so angry I even tweeted about the whole mess on my twitter account @evronia until I was almost spamming twitter! 

Why am I writing this post? Because I wanted to prove some points:

  1. If you experience a bad service from a certain company, don't ever deal with them again even if their employees are nice and keep apologizing. These are 'nice' people, but not a nice 'system'. A nice employee is just someone like you and me, but a bad system is a whole corporation and management, so just don't get fooled by their words of "we're sorry, we'll take care of it"
  2. Pay more money to get better service, this is true in the Arab world unfortunately. Lower rates means something must be wrong.
  3. I wish one day Arabs will be able to do something completely right from A to Z . I am totally disappointed.
  4. Fight for your rights, for what you deserve and don't be a negative person.
  5. Before using a service, google it and see what people say. I have googled Aramex late enough, only today unfortunately.. and I found out that everyone is speaking of how slow they are most of the time. 
  6. Finally, I'm writing this post, because I promised Aramex I would write it :)
Aramex, you have nice employees but I HATE YOU as a company, a system, a way of organization :) 
I will never deal with you again.. I hope this blog post stays long enough in your history to remind you of the damage and harm you've done to me...

Did I mention I will sue you if delivery isn't made before January 2nd? 

I'm so sorry Aramex, I never wanted it to go this way..! Honestly!

Have a good day...

I don't want anyone who'll read this post to think I'm an aggressive person. I'm just a normal nice human being who fights for her rights in an era where some people still believe that you don't even have a 'right' for anything in life.
I am just someone who is hardworking and does her job right, and hence, I expect others to do their job right as well. If everyone alive does his/her job right, we'll all be good.

Update: Aramex paid $50 in compensation for each delayed package and  accepted to redeem the  shipping vouchers I hadn't used.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Is Here!

Christmas is here! Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmas is my favorite time of year, it's beautiful indeed! God bless everybody..

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Christmas carols and songs.. I hope you like them!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

مهرجان الكرازة 2011

مهرجان الكرازة 2011
بعنوان: المسيح حياتنا

كلمات الشعار
مسيحنا يا سرّ حياتنا .. إنت معنى عمرنا
بيك أنا أتحرك وأعيش .. لأنك نبض قلبنا
روحك الساكن جوّانا .. فيه سلامنا وفَرْحنا

الكنيسة سما ببخورها .. هىّ سفينتنا الروحانية
إنجيـلـنا دلـيـل لخـلاصـنا .. تعاليمه حية سماوية
وإلهنا أعظم رُبّان .. وهو طريق الأبدية

منهج الألحان
download pdf
ألحان اعدادي - المستويين - جودة عالية

منهج اللغة القبطية للمرحلة الاعدادية - المستويين - جودة عالية

 الألحان للمرحلة الابتدائية مكتوبة باللغة القبطية والعربية - مرسل من قبل جون فريد  - خدمة كنيسة الأنبا صموئيل والأنبا ابرآم بالاسكندرية

الألحان لجميع المراحل مكتوبة باللغة القبطية والعربية - مرسل من قبل جون فريد  - خدمة كنيسة الأنبا صموئيل والأنبا ابرآم

الشعار فيديو

موسيقى الشعار

تحميل الشعار بالصوت باللغة العربية

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My First Live Performance

I've always loved music and Coptic hymns. I was lucky enough to be invited to perform 2 hymns with Ava Bavly Kids Choir here in Alexandria, a great choir really! The concert - وتعود الابتسامة - was for the benefit of children with cancer.

This was my first live performance.

The first hymn is a Coptic hymn "Arihouo Chasf" that means "Praise Him and exalt Him above all forever":
Studio-recorded version:

Live version:

The second hymn was "Thank You Lord" lyrics:

I would like to thank Mr George ElKess Samuel, the leader of the choir, as well as my dear friend Haidy Mikhail, who coaches the choir, for making this possible. I enjoyed performing along with you and your great team. I loved your spirit and I wish that all your concerts would be just as successful!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

المركز الأول - ألحان الكرازة - المستوى الثاني

آخر الأخبار
فريق بنات اعدادي كنيسة الأنبا تكلا هيمانوت - الابراهيمية - الاسكندرية يحصل على المركز الأول في ألحان الكرازة - المستوى الثاني
في مهرجان اعدادي 2010 على مستوى الاسكندرية  

Here's my thoughts on this issue..

I trained and mentored this team, and I took the challenge of trying el mostawa el tani for the first time.. We started since November/December 2009.. and in the middle of the road, it was too difficult and challenging ..

I felt we might not make it but for some reason I never stopped working and encouraging.. and as the number of girls decreased, I still had hope..

It was difficult.. only 12 girls made it to the last day..

But in the end...


WE MADE IT so successfully and unexpectedly AND I'm so proud really!! One of the best things I feel I've ever contributed to.. It goes to all of my beautiful amazing girls, to my awesome Church.. and to myself :)

Top team in Alexandria in the hardest level..

What does this mean to me?
A lot!
Coptic hymns are my ultimate passion.. Being successful in teaching Coptic hymns is something that makes me feel so happy and accomplished.
Two years ago, we won the second place, and I've written this post about it
and from that post I quote:
"Success is sweet, it makes us feel paid off.. It pushes us forward to do more, and keeps us close to God, who always watches over us and gives us, not all what we want, but all what we NEED."

I hope that this will not be the last year for me to teach Coptic Hymns at my beautiful church, because I'll never forget how I feel every time I teach the girls something new.

It's not just about winning in a festival, it's not about being on top, it's about the feeling of achievement and satisfaction after doing something that means a lot, at least to young girls who are taking their first successful steps in life..

My last words:
Perseverance, patience and hard work are the key for everything in life, big or small! And in whatever you do, important or not, be honest and do everything you can do to fulfill your tasks in the best possible way, especially if it's service to the lord.. 

I first and last give deep thanks to God :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

[Poem] Why Are You So Sure of Yourself

Why Are You So Sure of Yourself?
Poem #296
Written 3.6.10

It's like exams get the strangest ideas out of my head!!

Why are you so sure of yourself?
You want to win and use him,
To only take pride in yourself!
Coz you’re helpless and grim,
So arrogant, but feeling defeated,
Feeling everyone should fall for you…
There’re many hearts you mistreated,
With feelings insincere and untrue,
Save your time, he doesn’t love you,
Don’t push him deceitfully to care,
You can’t be a match, both of you,
I hope you’ll be doomed to despair…
Coz I’m the one he’s always had,
I’m the one he cherishes the most,
We are starting our life, feeling glad,
But you’re haunting us like a ghost,
And I can’t watch you while you,
Win his kind heart and break it,
Fooling him, breaking us in two,
But I’ll fight till death, I’ll never quit!
He’s my only hope and dream,
Of a life so magical and complete,
That is harder than it may seem,
But I will never succumb to defeat…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[Poems] All CSED Poems!

I have written many poems for my Computer and Systems Engineering Department "CSED"; for the people, events and memories .. I just didn't realize how many they were except when I started to collect them in one post.. 

The reason that made me collect them all here is that I received a very nice email today from Eng Mohamed Amir, and he actually encouraged me to publish all the CS poems one day.. He liked the poems I've written about the department even though they mocked the subjects he taught us: Digital Design and Microprocessors :) So here're the 12 poems, I'll start with them on the blog, with the hope that one day they will be published in a book  :) 

There's always more to come!

Not a Programmer
Written 16.7.2007

I am a programmer
Though not good enough
Want to rock like a hammer
But my time is tough
I feel I'm stupid
No, I sure am!
I am not good at it
To pretend I can
Coz I won't be doing
Anything good in life
Even if the going
Turned from being stiff
The rough won't be easy
Coz I have it in me
Laziness and stupidity
And never being free
Of all the pain and bothering
Chattering and thinking
Life makes me run
But what should be done!
And I get tired fast
I don't think I will last
Not with the pain
Not always or again
But I am still an artist
Putting my feelings on papers
Casting my burden on a pen
And living life like dreamers
So even if the poem
Is too lousy to be read
Close the book and go to bed
Just don't hate me instead
But since you've come this far
You might like to confess
I am not a great programmer
Coz writing is what I do best!

Digital Poem
Poem # 100
Written 13.3.08

Dedicated to the disaster of the digital lab
on Tuesday March 11th, 2008, 2nd year CSED

Digital Design is really cool
Coz you realize you were a fool
Using HDL like programming
And that you were misunderstanding
Not just how to do it right
But many other concepts in mind
It's time to face the cruel reality
See your own mind-made stupidity
You thought you had it all
But get ready to take the fall!
It's your chosen CSED life
That hurts more than stabs from a knife
So come on, be brave and face it
You're stupid you have to admit...
To the TA's orders you have to submit
But don't worry, eventually you'll make it!

I Refuse to Keep my Mouth Shut
Poem #102
Written May 2008

We refuse to keep our mouths shut
We won't give up, no matter what
We’re dignified and we’ll object
And all the maltreatment we'll reject

We're humans can't you see?
Why can't we just disagree!
Can't you listen and pay attention,
To our screaming-like objection?!

We demand actions not words
Because we're tired of being nerds
Broken promises is what we have now
But now, it's time to keep your vow

Our opinion: let us write it down
And our voices: don’t let them drown
Hear us, we demand from you
It is not something very hard to do


Microprocessors Hell
Poem #133
Written 6.12.08

It was the day before the holiday
And everyone wanted to go away
Defeated, we stayed of course
But then we were full of remorse
What on earth was happening?!
What were we attending?!
Is it microprocessors or hell,
From which all these assignments fell?!
PIC, TSR, interrupts..
A volcano that always erupts..!!
How dare we ask to enjoy days off!
Why shouldn't things be tough!
It's pathetic but it's the normal thing
That CSD will always bring
No matter how much we shout or ask
No one removes a single tiny task
"You're clever people" they say..
"You've to hate life more everyday!"
But I really don't care coz it's in vain
I'm a programmer, so I won't go insane
Coz of some chips or an ugly debugger
I won't allow this course to make me suffer!

To Dr Moustafa Amin
Poem #159
Written 10.5.09
It’s Amr Ebaid’s Class
Poem #160
Written 12.5.09

Inside an Architecture Lecture
Poem #162
Written 14.5.09

An insight view about what happens in almost every architecture lecture…
Written in a Computer Architecture lecture.

We’re listening now to architecture,
To us, it’s the most boring lecture…
The doctor is giving a free talk;
With hands and hair full of chalk!
Haidy is chewing gum and joking,
Teasing Sammak who is talking,
Solving a compiler’s sheet coz he is
A nerd who is used to this!
Rana is sleepy and wants to go,
And everyone is hissing so low.
Habak and the doctor are in a debate,
And Michael is in a sleeping state.
Combo is drinking a Pepsi can,
And I’ve eaten everything I can…
And still, time is going slower,
When will this lecture be over!!

My Revenge On Sammak
Written 15.5.09

Sammak wrote a poem about me as a revenge on me coz I wrote that he was a nerd in my architecture poem, and posted his pics as he was solving a compiler’s sheet in the lecture..
So I’m replying with my own revenge poem too :P

You can't beat me Sammak, don't even try
I can write better poetry that will make you cry
I will kill you and make your head fry
But first I will put my finger in your eye
Then I’ll make you look like an apple pie
And send you away to fly in the sky
So make sure that you say goodbye
To everyone who pass you by :P


To Mohamad Mahmoud
Poem #207
Written 21.9.09

When Mohamad mahmoud, our colleague at university, wanted to quit being the class’ representative

To Mohamad Mahmoud:

During hard times, you’re there,
Talking to all, running everywhere,
You act up to the responsibilities,
God has given you amazing abilities,
You’re our brother, who is so kind,
We want you to make up your mind!
So please, your decision, reconsider it,
And to your orders we will submit :) (bas mesh awi :P)
Don’t be sad at madness of a few…
We’ll always do our best to help you…
We want you to be the representative,
So, please don’t be argumentative!
We know it’s a hard job to do,
But we trust one person: only you!
We are sure that you’re best for it,
We ask you please not to quit!

If You Wonder Who Believes in Me
Poem #270
Written 12.4.10

This is to tease Mohamed ElSammak for asking me “I really wonder who believes in you”!

If you wonder who believes in me,
It’s enough if the answer is only ‘me’,
I believe in myself and what I can do,
That I can make my dreams come true,
My world is opening its arms for me,
I feel there is so much power inside me,
To carve my own path, unlock any door,
There’s a pretty life ahead to explore,
Nothing is ever going to pull me back,
I won’t surrender, I won’t fall or crack,
I won’t succumb to life, I won’t give in,
Because I’m so motivated deep within,
I have ‘me’ and that’s totally enough,
To keep going when my world is rough,
I’m too strong, I am afraid I won’t break!
I’m never defeated because of any mistake,
I try to learn, and here I am, standing up,
Never looking back and never giving up…
My life is extremely beautiful this way,
I’m always inspired, no matter what you say!

Then You’re in CSED
Poem #293
Written 20.5.10

In CSED, Life Is Always Cool
Poem #294
Written 24.5.10


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 24, 2010

[Poem] In CSED, Life Is Always Cool

In CSED, Life Is Always Cool
Poem #294
Written 24.5.10

 I've of course written about many poeple in CSED: Eng Amr Ebeid, Eng M Amir, and of course Dr Moustafa Amin (check )
 But this time, I tried to write about more people and more memories, sorry if I couldn't include everyone and everything :) I'll do my best next time! 

In CSED, life is always cool,
Whether you are smart or a fool,
You might experience good days,
But mostly, it’s only severe craze!

Your code is good, but it won’t run,
But there is no excuse for anyone,
It’s your fault if the server is down,
So, relax, take it easy, don’t frown!

Projects for individuals or groups,
We keep running in circles, loops,
During lectures, we are so sleepy,
Coz the syllabuses are really creepy!

The idea of bonus is really much fun!
“I have plenty of bonus for everyone”
All is fair in bonus, compete or kill!
Until you successfully fulfil your will…

In everything you are thinking of,
Do it all with tender, care and love,
A book is more delicious than a cake,
So, read for as long as you can take!

Performance chapters are endless,
We understand nothing, it’s a mess!
And we’ll open up a cyber for games,
According to Dr Sahar’s claims!

As for patterns, clusters and classes,
The running time quickly passes,
Bear only a couple of hours or days,
To run the algorithm in many ways!

But automatic control is still on top,
A continuous torture that can’t stop,
And even after we are done with it,
It still haunts us; we don’t even feel it!

Once in a while you can hear him say,
Using his usual mocking scary way:
“You’re all losers, you won’t make it,
Your TA is a loser, you all should quit”

Some TAs were different and unique,
They’d never want to hear you speak,
They write with their fingers, not chalk,
And you can’t understand their talk!

And during our last section this year,
Ahmed Essam gave us a good cheer,
He’s been a good TA with his advice,
Like many TAs who were just as nice…

Bassiouny simply explained everything,
He treated us modestly, he was smiling!
One of the really kindest people to us,
Who never used to make any fuss!

Michael Atef wants to make money,
“I want to get married”, it was funny,
Victor always standing up at the back,
While a photo is being shot by Sammak!

And when we are about to get bored,
Habak or Victor elaborate on the board,
Abdelrahman can argue for so long,
If he thinks the solution is wrong…

It’s almost over, as this year ends,
But we’re still more than good friends,
We have laughed and we have learned,
There’s so much that has been earned…

As we graduate, we can’t forget our past,
We’ve shared many memories to last,
Laughs, cries… fights, food and much fun,
A love, a life that will never be undone…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 21, 2010

[Poem] Then You’re in CSED

Then You’re in CSED
Poem #293
Written 20.5.10

Today we delivered our last project in CSED… Certainly not the last thing to do before graduation, but it’s something that inspired me to write a poem among the many that I have written for CSED :D

Then you’re in CSED; where CSED == Computer and Systems Engineering Department :)

If you forgot what it means to enjoy,
If your life lacks your sense of joy,
If you miss being once a young boy,
Then you’re in CSED!

If your thoughts are filled with code,
If you don’t notice cars on the road,
If you always feel like you’ll explode,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you consider your laptop your son,
Your desktop background is no fun,
And you’re always up until dawn,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you usually don’t comb your hair,
Never caring about what you wear,
Even if you’ll walk with your feet bare,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you are accustomed to headache,
If going to the bathroom is your break,
Coz the load is more than you can take,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you ask for a router for your birthday,
And 5 a.m. is when you start your day,
If you’re weird, even when you play,
Then you’re in CSED!

If your parents are the last you meet,
You’re tired of this thing called “sheet”,
If “pizza” and “croissant” are all you eat,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you wear glasses, if you’re a hunchback,
Carrying a laptop in your heavy backpack,
Arranging your tasks in a queue or a stack,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you smile when you’re called “geek”,
If you forget the days of the week,
If everyone alive thinks you’re a freak!
Then you’re in CSED!

If you dream of huge bugs chasing you,
Your dream might really come true,
But you’ll never know what to do!
Then you’re in CSED!

If you think of name as “namespace”,
If your mind thinks “debug” and “trace”,
If your life is one big challenging race,
Then you're in CSED!

If you’re always wearing your jeans,
Your life is mainly about Netbeans,
Running K-medoids and K-means,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you always think of a tree to span,
You think you’ll name your kid “Zahn”,
You hate the day your poor life began,
Then you're in CSED!

If you hear “projects” more than “hello”,
You’re almost dead from the overflow,
You beg the class to entirely say “No!”
But you’re in CSED!

Anyhow, rejoice, class of 2010!
There will be no CSED again,
You will taste your freedom soon,
Just wait, till the end of June :)


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 14, 2010

[Poem] I Saw Benjy - Benjamin Zephaniah

I Saw Benjy - Benjamin Zephaniah
Poem #291
Written 14.5.10

I attended a performance today by the great poet Benjamin Zephaniah and I was so impressed and inspired by him! He even asked me to say one of my poems to him but I memorized none and of course my mind was BLANK while I was talking to him :( He is a role model for me really! 

I saw Benjy, his rhythm is strong and fun,
His face is dark, yet, lit like shining sun,
He spreads hope, he touches his audience,
His poetry is artistic, his feelings are intense,
He is down to earth and nice to his fans,
Who were so inspired by his performance!
He talks about his poems and enchants you,
His style is unique, amazing and very new,
I feel proud; I won’t even wash my hands,
Coz I was honoured to shake his hands :)


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[Poem] Where Is He?

Where Is He?
Poem #289
Written 12.5.10

I want someone to take care of me,
Not blindly blaming and judging me,
I need a real man with a kind heart,
That can never live if we are apart;
Like I need him, I want to be needed,
And my expectations to be exceeded…
I wish I can find the comfort, the love,
The happiness I’ve always dreamt of,
That only one man can make me feel,
Where is he? Is he even alive and real?
Where can I find my awaited dream?
When will my life become supreme?


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 10, 2010

[Poem] Will You Be the One?

Will You Be the One?
Poem #287
Written 10.5.10

Will you be the one to undo the pain,
The love that drives my heart insane?
Will you deeply see through my eyes;
Understanding my laughs and cries?
Before I ask, will you be what I need;
And be my man, who takes the lead?
Will you have courage to apologize;
And be a mind so peaceful and wise?
Will you tenderly hold me if I weep,
And softly kiss me when I’m asleep?
Can you be all this and more to me;
Enchanting, inspiring and keeping me?


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

[Poem] To Be More than the One

To Be More than the One
Poem #286
Written 5.5.10

I just watched the movie "27 Dresses" and the last couple of minutes and scenes in the movie inspired me to write this poem :)

I might have been faking many things;
Many words, expressions and feelings,
But my love is not something that hides,
Because your eyes dive into my insides;
You look at me the way I want you to,
You inspire me with the things you do…
At first I wasn’t ready to let go of me,
But with you, I became absolutely free,
I’m cherished, loved, more than ever,
You say you want to have me forever,
It feels so right and magical to do so,
I’m enchained, I don’t want to let go,
I want to be locked in your big heart,
That I’ll never willingly want to depart,
I thought I was happy but I was wrong,
Coz I’ve been waiting for you all along,
To unlock the doors to all my dreams,
To raise me up to happiness’ extremes,
To make me feel I deserve all this love,
To be more than the one I dreamt of…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 3, 2010

[Poem] Spring Came

Spring Came
Poem #285
Written 2.5.10

Spring came, and I’m still here,
Troubled, stumbling with fear,
And what does the world hide?
I wonder if I can find my pride…
Deep inside me, there is more,
Ideas, feelings I need to explore,
Mysteries I need to understand,
For that, I need a helping hand…
I need an answer, I need a clue,
I eagerly asked everyone I knew,
No one has the right cure for me,
Spring; is it your time to heal me?


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Don't Care about Your Religion! - Part II

I have written a post here entitled "I Don't Care about Your Religion", I didn't plan then to write part 2, but here I am! 

Since the start of Facebook, everyone used it as a platform, not just to post simple things he/she likes, but also to post religious videos or talks that attack others' religions, whether Christians or Muslims. 

I have been on Facebook for 4 years or something, and since then, many Muslims on my list have posted controversial videos that insult Christianity, tell false things about the Holy Bible or whatever! At first, I didn't care about those stuff and simply removed those who would post such videos from my list, to save myself the headache of arguing, and also to relieve those people from dealing with "infidels" like myself. 

Lately, I was shocked to notice that such posts started to come from people I knew well, and I was deeply disappointed to see that some well-educated people posted things that surely hurt others' beliefs and religions. So, I started to reply to these posts by saying that there is no need whatsoever to post that type of controversial videos on Facebook, and that they can simple keep those videos to themselves or share them with a group of people who would be interested, since Facebook allows you to hide certain posts from groups of friends. However, hiding a post doesn't remove the fact that deep inside you, you disrespect others and want to insult them, because of their religious affiliation. So, I started to suggest to those people on my friend list that they would remove Christians from their list as long as Christianity bothers them that much, to the extinct that they keep adding Christian people to their list and at the same time keep posting videos about how great a religion is and how false another religion is. 
I don't know or understand exactly the reason behind posting something like that. Does it make you feel great and make you convince others that they are wrong? Why do you even want to prove to others that they are wrong about what they believe in? Why do you even care about what they believe in? Why don't you just focus on your beliefs and let the whole world believe in whatever they believe in!!

Plus, why do you go through the trouble of understanding others' beliefs just to prove they are WRONG?!  It wastes your time to do so. Instead, focus on going in depth into your religion. You are not qualified enough to judge others or attack them.

I don't know why we can't live in Egypt without thinking of religious disputes and attacks. But for me, I couldn't care less about any video or even about what anyone alive thinks or says about my religion. As I said, it is MY religion, and it is private. I'm keeping my relationship with God between Him and myself, not public on Facebook and not on others' walls and home pages. I post religious posts only to my Christian friends, and those religious posts target good religious hymns they can listen to or things that they can do to be closer to God, and not posts that show that other beliefs are nonsense. 

If you believe so well in your religion, you shouldn't feel the need to prove that other religions are wrong. Just keep your beliefs to yourself. 

I believe in the freedom of expression, as long as it doesn't hurt others, but more than that, I believe and totally respect the freedom of religion, I don't deal with you or judge you based on your religion, and I don't want to be judged in the same way either.

I remember very well that I once had to deal with an Agnostic person, and since I say "God's willing" or "Ensha2Allah" a lot, I thought that it wasn't a good idea to keep saying it while speaking with that person. I care about his feelings and it might insult him if I keep mentioning "God" (who he didn't believe in). So, I apologized to him and stopped saying "God". I did this simply because I wanted to show respect to this person, without insulting what he believes in, even if I didn't accept it.

Final thought:
If you don't post videos that attack others' religions, but still deep inside you, you disrespect those who are different from yourself and believe that they are "infidels" and should be convinced that their beliefs are nonsense, then, excuse me, you have a huge problem!

This post goes out to all the people I know. Please no more insults to anyone's religion. You have all the right to remove me from your list if you don't like this post. But please, if you keep me on your list, don't insult my religious beliefs or others'! Thank you..


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

[Poem] The Only Thing Nothing Can Steal

The Only Thing Nothing Can Steal
Poem #274
Written 14.4.10

2010 marks the 10-year anniversary of my first writings. I don’t mean to underestimate any type of art, because I adore all types of art, I just want to say that writing lives on with you even if nothing else does… And of course, I want to say that I adore and enjoy writing the most.

When your hands are too shaky to paint,
And your ill body is under full restraint,
When you sound too old to speak or sing,
The only thing you can still do is writing…

Writing is the only thing nothing can steal,
Your special way to express how you feel,
Your constant companion and dear friend,
The one that stays with you until life’s end…

If you are deaf, mute, disabled and blind,
Writing is your only way to ease your mind,
That’s why I am so thankful I can write,
I feel it brings me much ability and might!

I can’t describe my feelings when I write,
I feel a deep inspiration that I can’t fight,
Like magic, with words overwhelming me,
Then you’re amazed at what turns to be!

You produce music out of papers and ink,
Your symphonies of words make you think,
About your ability to make a deep difference,
To reach out to people with a real influence…

I enjoy what I do, I feel different, blessed,
To be able to make others feel impressed…
I love seeing the world with a different eye,
And I can’t ever stop writing, even if I try!

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[Poem] I’m Sorry I Was Too Busy

I’m Sorry I Was Too Busy
Poem #272
Written 14.4.10

I’m sorry I was too busy not to care about you,
I was busy with illusions, far from being true,
I was too distracted to notice your kind love,
I regret that you were the last one I thought of…

I’m ashamed of myself, you were always here,
Before I even called you, you were so near,
And instead of loving you, I moved far away,
But you brought me back into your arms to stay…

You stole me from my deep despair and ugly fear,
You brought me cheer, and were always sincere,
I know that no matter what, you’ll always love me,
That’s why in you my Lord, I’ve found my glee…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Visual Studio 2010 is officially released

Visual Studio 2010 is officially released!

this copy is available now on MSDNAA: Visual Studio 2010 Professional (x86)

on this link:

If you are already registered, you can go ahead and download it, if not, check this link on more details about getting a free account on MSDNAA:

If you couldn't watch the Visual Studio 2010 live keynote, and also if you want to know all the latest on Visual Studio 2010, check these links out:

Monday, April 12, 2010

[Poem] If You Wonder Who Believes in Me

If You Wonder Who Believes in Me
Poem #270
Written 12.4.10

This is to tease Mohamed ElSammak for asking me “I really wonder who believes in you”!

If you wonder who believes in me,
It’s enough if the answer is only ‘me’,
I believe in myself and what I can do,
That I can make my dreams come true,
My world is opening its arms for me,
I feel there is so much power inside me,
To carve my own path, unlock any door,
There’s a pretty life ahead to explore,
Nothing is ever going to pull me back,
I won’t surrender, I won’t fall or crack,
I won’t succumb to life, I won’t give in,
Because I’m so motivated deep within,
I have ‘me’ and that’s totally enough,
To keep going when my world is rough,
I’m too strong, I am afraid I won’t break!
I’m never defeated because of any mistake,
I try to learn, and here I am, standing up,
Never looking back and never giving up…
My life is extremely beautiful this way,
I’m always inspired, no matter what you say!

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010 ألحان قداس عيد القيامة

Easter 2010
ألحان قداس عيد القيامة المجيد بالكاتدرائية المرقسية بالعباسية
للمعلم ابراهيم عياد وخورس الكلية الاكليريكية

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Don't Care about Your Religion!

Lately, we seem to be witnessing a lot of religious problems among "Egyptians". Many people tend to blame the government, media or educational systems for these problems. Well, yes, many of these blames are true, but they are not ONLY the main problem. I believe the main problem lies inside us, because we tend to stereotype people according to the religion they follow, and we totally forget that we are ALL humans who live in 1 country and 1 world.

The reason I am writing this post now is because today I witnessed a situation that shocked me a bit, even though it is not the first time.

Simply, a lady driving her car was not sure whether to park it or keep going, and she was probably a bit slow that the man in the car behind her told her to "move" ("emshi ya 7agga").. After she had decided that she would park the car aside, and after the man had already left with his car, she got out of the car and I heard her so clearly say to herself, as I was directly in front of her, (He seems to be a Christian BLA BLA BLA) and went on insulting him ("da shaklo masi7i ebn **** *** **").

In a similar situation before, I have spoken, but this time I was probably too shocked to speak. I wanted to ask her many questions: Is his Christianity the reason that made her call him mean? If so, and if he is in fact Christian, what has this got to do with his meanness? And what if he is not Christian in the first place? (that is of course, aside from the fact that what the man said didn't deserve this severe aggressive reaction from her, whether he was Christian or not, because I certainly couldn't tell if he was)!

I wonder how she even realized this "important" fact that he was Christian, just with his car passing by?! I always thought a guy's religion is not easy to know, since he is neither veiled, nor wearing religious jewelery, and so on. So in just 1 second in which he passed by her car, she judged instinctively that he was Christian, and what if he is? why should it matter, to her or to anyone else? And if the man is really wrong, and if his Christianity is really bothering her, why didn't she have enough courage to insult him in the face instead of saying it to herself?

I wonder why when we deal with each others daily, we tend to relate people's ordinary and simple actions to their religions.

Last week, one of my close friends who is non Christian and non veiled was asked by someone about her religion. She later came to tell me and was wondering why anyone would care about it. I told her that she shouldn't have answered that person who asked her about her religion, because it's not his business, and because her or anyone's religion shouldn't affect people's judgement!

I do certainly confess we have many difficult religious problems, however, the main problem lies deep inside us, whether it was planted by our media, educational systems, or whatever, we have to confess that there is a real problem in the way we speak behind others' backs about their religions and beliefs, and how we relate them to their behaviours.

Why would I choose to go to a doctor or not based on his religion not his medical skills? Why would I choose to employ someone or buy from a shop according to religion? Why would a taxi or any shop choose his customers according to their religion? These are very ordinary and normal day-to-day situations that should never be related to religion or any other thing except personal skills and qualities!!

Finally, I wish that people can understand and differentiate between real religious discriminative situations and simple ordinary actions ...

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I Don't Care about Your Religion! - Part II


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse: Don't Think!

When your life seems to you as darkest and worst as it could get, it starts to get even worse... You're pushed to the extreme. God wants to test your maximum strength and push you to hold on MORE to him.

If you think you're doing good the way you are, there is always better.

Hardships are meant to drive us to pray, and most importantly, to place our whole trust in God and TOTALLY depend on Him, for He is the only one who can do miracles in our lives.

Don't think, only: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding" - Proverbs 3:5

Monday, March 22, 2010

[Poetry] Nothing to Write About Any More

Nothing to Write About Any More
Poem #266
Written 21.3.10

There is nothing to write about any more,
Nothing else valuable to seek and live for,
It’s all gone; it’s been stolen away from me,
But I feel I’m neither imprisoned, nor free…
I’m running around in circles, madly crying,
Scared, aching, trembling, bitterly sighing,
Where is my peace that I kept deep inside?
There is only shattering pain that I can’t hide…
I want my soul back, my pride, my passion,
I don’t want any sympathy, pity, compassion,
I only want what I had, or have I never had it?
Was it mine? Or have I foolishly imagined it?
I am the unluckiest most irrational person,
I only see everything will tragically worsen,
There is no hope for me; I am a dead soul,
The life I thought I had is out of my control…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Poem] This Smile of Yours

This Smile of Yours
Poem #263
Written 17.3.10

This smile of yours, it shines through me,
This bright shining smile makes me happy,
How come you’re always gentle and sweet?
Everything with you is unique and complete!
Please come, bless every second in my day,
Come and let’s sing, write, draw and sway!
Our dream of a peaceful bright life is there,
May God fulfill it and answer our prayer!

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, March 12, 2010

[Poem] I Want to Dream of You Every Night

I Want to Dream of You Every Night
Poem #259
Written 12.3.10

I want to dream of you every night,
Seeing you gives me much delight,
Even if it’s just in a humble dream,
In which you’d shine with gleam!

You don’t bless me only when I sleep,
But you’re always inside me to keep,
You shine through my sad dark days,
You guide my mind in all its ways…

You carry me on your wings and fly,
Soaring in a heavenly bright sky…
You raise me up to touch the stars,
I want to wrap and make them ours!

I want to give you more than the stars,
I want to give you Venus and Mars!
As you made me understand them all,
You are an angel, more than whole!

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

[Poem] You Don’t Have a Choice

You Don’t Have a Choice
Poem #258
Written 12.3.10

You don’t have a choice; you have to love me,
Because in you I rejoice; you make me happy,
I find a new perfect life in you; all what I seek,
With you I’m always confident, never weak,
So I promise to make you happy, I can do it,
Give me a chance, and I will certainly prove it!
Trust my heart; trust my love vow to you,
I will erase all the sadness you ever knew,
I will transform the hurt locked inside you,
Into joy that nothing can take away from you…
I will be your servant; I’ll fulfill your needs,
I will blindly trust your decisions and deeds,
I will be your little girl and your kind queen,
I will be the shoulder, on which you may lean,
I will be the hug that wipes away your tears,
I promise to make you live heavenly years…
You are the one, who makes me want to give,
All this to you, and more, for as long as I live…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

[Poem] That’s Why I Dream of You

That’s Why I Dream of You
Poem #257
Written 12.3.10

I miss you when I sleep, that’s why I dream of you,
I miss you when I speak, that’s why I speak of you,
I miss you in each and every moment in my day,
I think of you with each step I take along my way…

When I am puzzled, I think of what you would do,
And I start to follow the path that for me you drew,
My love, you’re greater than you’ll ever think or feel,
I idolize everything about you; so perfect and ideal!

I love your silence and your words, they are so wise,
I wish I can see everything with your beautiful eyes…
I will walk miles to win your heart; I’ll forever keep it,
You’re the only man to whom I will die to commit!

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avatar: 3D and Beyond - "I See You"

I don't like animation movies, and I am not a big fan of sci-fi too, however, "Avatar" is different. I had to watch it because of many things, most importantly, because I am a tech person and I have to see the reason for all the buzz around Avatar's 3D. But what made me write what I'm writing now is that I saw in Avatar more than just the 3D effects, and that's what I mean when I say "look beyond what you see", because there is a hidden meaning behind everything and every person in life, and this meaning is seen differently by each one of us. It is clear in the story that if someone is different from you, this doesn't mean he/she is bad, you can still love each other...

To be short and to the point, Avatar is inspirational and emotional, not just a movie with a bunch of scenes with strange creatures speaking a language we don't understand. And even though I'm not a cinema critique, I still can write many things about this movie, that I believe has written history, and is going to be a start of a new generation of movies that we are surely going to enjoy.

Avatar's pretty scenes inspired me greatly, and its music too. I planned to write a whole review on it but I started it with the above two paragraphs and didn't have enough time to finish it. So, I'll leave it to your imagination to think about what you liked about this amazing movie and I'll share with you its super wow song "I See You", because I adore its lyrics..

I hope you like it..

I see you
I see you

Walking through a dream I see you
My light in darkness breathing hope of new life
Now I live through you and you through me
I pray in my heart that this dream never ends

I see me through your eyes
Living through life flying high
Your life shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
I live through your love

You teach me how to see
All that's beautiful
My senses touch your world I never pictured
Now I give my hope to you
I surrender
I pray in my heart that this world never ends

I see me through your eyes
Living through life flying high
Your love shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life
I offer my love, for you

When my heart was never open
(And my spirit never free)
To the world that you have shown me
But my eyes could not division
All the colours of love and of life ever more
Ever more (I see me through your eyes)
(Living through life flying high)
Flying high
Your love shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
And live through your love
And live through your life
I see you
I see you

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[Poem] Writing Poems to You

Writing Poems to You
Poem #256
Written 10.3.10

I love writing many poems to you,
I want to forever care about you,
And show you I’ll always be here,
Inside and beside your heart, so near,
Supporting you, through rough days,
Needing you, amid my life’s craze,
Showing the world how sweet you are,
How lovely my dear man is, my star!
You’re more precious than anything,
Greater than any other human being,
Your heart is the most beautiful one,
To your arms is where I want to run…
You’re why all my poems are born,
You’re surely why I myself was born!
You’re every single meaning in my life,
Every reasoning, happiness and strife…
So I hope my poems are good enough to,
Show you how I can sacrifice for you,
That I’d gladly cross any raging sea,
Just to win your treasured heart’s key…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, March 8, 2010

[Poem] The Only Hope

The Only Hope
Poem #255
Written 8.3.10

When there are many clouds up in the sky,
When I see that all my dreams fade and die,
When there’s no sunshine, only heavy rain,
When I feel no happiness, only severe pain,
I turn to you; I reach out to your hand,
The rescue that can lift me from this land,
Because when you put me on your shoulder,
There is nothing in the world I can’t conquer,
You’re the only hope that makes me go on,
With you, all my hurt can be forever gone,
That’s why I’ll hold on so strongly to you,
Even if this is the last thing I will ever do…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

[Poem] She Looked Down and Cried

She Looked Down and Cried
Poem #253
Written 6.3.10

She looked down and cried on your shoulder
She silently asked if you could hold her,
And as tears kept running down her face,
She felt warmth and peace in your embrace…

She couldn’t speak but you could hear all,
You were never late in answering her call,
That’s why she trusted and respected you,
Beside all the love in her heart for you…

And whenever something troubled her mind,
She knew who to seek, and what she’ll find,
She knew that with you she’ll have everything,
She wanted you to forever be her great king…

She was sure that you are her one and only,
Because you never made her feel sad or lonely,
Because with you, she was always alright,
And for the first time, her life felt so right!


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

"It's a Useless Thing to Do, I Can't Take It Anymore!"

Here're just a few words that came across my mind today and I thought of writing them here..

Sometimes we have to do a lot of things that we might think are useless, boring, frustrating and that we're not benefiting anything from doing them. If these things are obligatory; some kind of duty, like any university course you never liked, then try to look beyond what you actually see. I mean, try to benefit from at least a single point in this thing you are doing that might not be even related to the thing itself. Find benefits that no one cared to look for before, benefits like: patience, organization, or simply, a new experience. 

I am not going to say: "try to like it" because sometimes you can't, so at least try to gain more experience from everything you do or see in life.

I remember I once went to a concert and it turned out something much different that I expected and I was so bored. And because the concert wasn't an obligation for me to attend, I simply left the hall after 10 minutes, but I stood outside, and I remember very well that I learnt from that night that I shouldn't think I wasted my time, no, on the contrary, I saw a new form of music that probably a lot of people like, and I saw a new culture, new people, and this is called: experience. 

I also remember many projects and things I've studied that I never liked, and I am the kind of person who can't force herself to work on something she doesn't love, that's why I tried to develop this concept over the years, but lately, I've applied it more, especially that as a poet, I don't always see things the way everyone else sees, otherwise, all my writings would be repetitions of what others thought of and wrote about throughout the years.

There are significant people in my life who taught me to "look beyond what I see" and to never think of anything as a waste of time or energy, because these things and the time spent on them are called "new experiences", which we have to appreciate, because life is full of many things we don't know about...


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Copy from This Blog!

Recently, I've seen many pages and forums online copying stuff from my blog, videos I made, or any tracks I've uploaded and referring to themselves as the "first" people who ever put these things online "exclusively".. It is very unethical to do so, I own this blog and its contents (unless I copy something from somewhere I state it doesn't belong to me)

Please, if you are going to copy from this blog (this doesn't apply to posts I mark with a copyright symbol ©), put a link to it and mention where you get your data from and I'd appreciate it if you write to me saying this!

I can easily prove through blog posts publishing dates that I am the first one who posted these things, however, things hasn't reached this extent because most of the things that were copied were not so significant to me. However, if anyone is going to copy a single POEM or a single line of writing that I post here, I remind you, there are copyright laws, even if this data is published online ..!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

ترحيم شهداء نجع حمادي في ذكرى الأربعين

ترحيم شهداء نجع حمادي من قداس ذكرى الأربعين

the sound track in this video is not to be reproduced without permission.. © All rights reserved

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[Poem] The Shape of Your Heart

The Shape of Your Heart
Poem #251
Written 23.2.2010

I want to describe the shape of your heart,
Your gentle, sweet, sensitive, lovely heart,
The heart that is most genuine, most true,
The most impressive heart I ever knew…

Your big heart is so private and so peaceful,
Never harsh, hurtful, revengeful or regretful,
It resembles the pure heart of an innocent kid,
Yet inside it, there’s huge wisdom, that’s hid…

Your wise heart doesn’t do any wrong at all,
It is beautiful from inside, so amazingly whole,
Big enough to fit the world and deal with it,
It knows very well how to hold on and commit…

As for the indescribable love inside your heart,
It’s more enchanting than any piece of art,
It gives me heaven, fills my life and overflows,
It is my shining light that in my darkness glows…

Your heart is my teacher and my favorite ever,
My companion, my condolence, my true treasure,
Forever it will always be my most precious thing,
The one heart for which I will give up everything…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Album from David Ensemble

My most favorite ensemble "David Ensemble" has released a new album by the end of 2009, entitled "Hymns of Basilius Mass - Part 2".

This album is now available to download on the ensemble's website on this link:

The album is so great and inspiring, like all the great work of the ensemble, which is lead by the most fabulous artist Engineer George Kyrillos.

For one of the tracks in the album "Epchois Efnooty Ente NiGom", I've made the following humble video:

More on David Ensemble, see their group on Facebook:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[Poem] Before You Go to Bed

Before You Go to Bed
Poem #249
Written 15.2.10

Before you go to bed every single night,
Remember that you make my life bright,
Remember that you’re my best guide,
The reason why I have in my heart pride…

Remember that my words belong to you,
My whole existence, life and being too.
I achieve a lot, because you are with me,
And nothing seems impossible for me...

Even though you’re as tender as a flower,
You give me much strength and power,
“I can be better” is how you make me feel,
You’re my great role model, who is surreal…

Please remember, all the time, all the way,
You’re the best man I’ve met one day,
You’re more than a dream coming true,
So be sure, I’ll eternally be loyal to you…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

[Poem] If They Ask Me about You

If They Ask Me about You
Poem #248
Written 11.2.2010

If they ask me about you and who you are,
If they ask me to describe my shining star,
I wonder what words to say and how I,
Will be able to describe my angel, my guy…

Shall I tell them you are kind and peaceful,
That you’re always laughing and cheerful?
Or shall I say that the universe doesn’t fit you,
Because your heart is the biggest I ever knew?

Maybe I’d rather describe how wise you are,
How tender, caring and loving you always are,
How successful you are in everything you do,
And how you never ever make me feel blue…

But I can’t stop at this, there’s more to say,
About how you always help me, all the way,
About how your smile is enough to make me,
Forget any sadness and smile so happily…

Should I also talk about how you inspire me;
To enjoy life and look beyond what I see?
Or maybe I should say that you surpass all,
With your courageous, outstanding, brave soul…

I can’t tell them how much joy you bring me,
Because human words will certainly fail me,
I can’t describe your support through strife,
As I trust you blindly to give me the best life…

You are whole but the most important of all,
Is that you do all this, by saying nothing at all,
By only being who you are, by being the man,
The one with who my whole life began…

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.