Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Blog's Statistics

Two days ago, I noticed an unusual activity and a rapid increase in the number of visitors to my blog.. according to the site meter (www.sitemeter.com) I have on the blog, the visitors were just 600, and suddenly they began reaching 900!! I wondered if this is all my friends..! Of course that was not my friends.. but I realized that everyone who searched for any keywords from أغنية الطفولة was directed to my blog..

I went to my account on sitemeter, and I found amazing options that I haven't noticed before, about the number of visitors, the identity of each visitor (country, city, Internet Service Provider and even the Operating System that was used!!) and how to track the links that directed each visitor to the blog (A real amazing site! thanks site meter) and that's how I knew about the post's fame..

The post about أغنية الطفولة was about the beautiful song, that people from all over the world started searching for a lot after it was sung in StarAcademy 6 last week.

here's the post's link:

People from countries like (Morocco, Lebanon, Sudan, France, Germany, Canada, Palestine, Israel, South Africa, Egypt) started accessing the blog and suddenly my blog became number 1 in search results about the song on google!

Actually it's the first time for me to post something that just booms internationally this way on the Internet.. I just hope that my poetry can boom in the same way!

Thanks to all the visitors, I hope to always post stuff that people like!



Ashraf Bashir said...

Congratulations Evronia :)

Evronia said...

now u trust the site meter :D ?

Ashraf Bashir said...

Ooops .... Evronia, I think you misunderstood what we discussed on FaceBook about statistics. I didn't mean that I didn't trust what statistics said. Just I asked for "METRICS" which BlogSpot uses to evaluate these statistics. Just TO KNOW these metrics and not for any other reason. That's why I asked you,. I hope you understand well this point.

Congratulations again & I hope your blog will get more popularity and reputation, God Willing.

Evronia said...

thx .. !