Wednesday, August 25, 2010

المركز الأول - ألحان الكرازة - المستوى الثاني

آخر الأخبار
فريق بنات اعدادي كنيسة الأنبا تكلا هيمانوت - الابراهيمية - الاسكندرية يحصل على المركز الأول في ألحان الكرازة - المستوى الثاني
في مهرجان اعدادي 2010 على مستوى الاسكندرية  

Here's my thoughts on this issue..

I trained and mentored this team, and I took the challenge of trying el mostawa el tani for the first time.. We started since November/December 2009.. and in the middle of the road, it was too difficult and challenging ..

I felt we might not make it but for some reason I never stopped working and encouraging.. and as the number of girls decreased, I still had hope..

It was difficult.. only 12 girls made it to the last day..

But in the end...


WE MADE IT so successfully and unexpectedly AND I'm so proud really!! One of the best things I feel I've ever contributed to.. It goes to all of my beautiful amazing girls, to my awesome Church.. and to myself :)

Top team in Alexandria in the hardest level..

What does this mean to me?
A lot!
Coptic hymns are my ultimate passion.. Being successful in teaching Coptic hymns is something that makes me feel so happy and accomplished.
Two years ago, we won the second place, and I've written this post about it
and from that post I quote:
"Success is sweet, it makes us feel paid off.. It pushes us forward to do more, and keeps us close to God, who always watches over us and gives us, not all what we want, but all what we NEED."

I hope that this will not be the last year for me to teach Coptic Hymns at my beautiful church, because I'll never forget how I feel every time I teach the girls something new.

It's not just about winning in a festival, it's not about being on top, it's about the feeling of achievement and satisfaction after doing something that means a lot, at least to young girls who are taking their first successful steps in life..

My last words:
Perseverance, patience and hard work are the key for everything in life, big or small! And in whatever you do, important or not, be honest and do everything you can do to fulfill your tasks in the best possible way, especially if it's service to the lord.. 

I first and last give deep thanks to God :)