Friday, December 31, 2010

[An Aramex Experience] When More Money Means Better Service

As far as I know, Aramex is a Jordanian company. I was exited that there is an Arab company that reached such success in becoming a well known international courier service.

I have experienced an unjustified delay in receiving packages 2 months ago shipped by Aramex, I complained online and they apologized. I thought well, these people are nice, why not try them again?  So I decided to deal with Aramex to ship some important documents, especially that their rates are really good.

I shipped two packages on the 20th and 21st of December and they should have taken 4 days to arrive to the required destination in the US, they took. .. well I don't know how long because they haven't arrived till now!

Snapshots for my packages status taken from their system today on December 31st at 2:40 am.
Notice the absence of updates from 22nd till 27th till the 31st ? What's the package doing? Where is it? 
Given that airports and flights were working during this time. Only JFK airport was closed for two days during the week, and not during the period between 22nd & 27th.  

Notice the non meaningful updates on the shipment which is always at the 'local facility' ? as well as the absence of updates from the 23rd till the 27th.  Please don't mention "Christmas Holidays" because as far as I know, when I have late shipments and overdue work, I should work even during the holidays.. Other people's lives are on stake here!!  

OK, when I saw the update due to the weather, I filed a complaint on their website. One thing Aramex is good at is responding to complaints fast and well. But I was trying to be polite so I didn't say I will complain or write on my blog and that stuff.. They called me and promised they will ship it to destination the next day.. and here I am! No updates on one shipment and the other one has nothing except this 'local facility' annoying thing.. and no delivery!!!

Why am I mad?
Those packages are critical for me, I've shipped them early enough and they should arrive at a certain date and no later, otherwise I'll experience huge harm and damage.. So what I've done was that I went to their website, elaborated on the complaint, requested reimbursement and compensation. I was so angry I even tweeted about the whole mess on my twitter account @evronia until I was almost spamming twitter! 

Why am I writing this post? Because I wanted to prove some points:

  1. If you experience a bad service from a certain company, don't ever deal with them again even if their employees are nice and keep apologizing. These are 'nice' people, but not a nice 'system'. A nice employee is just someone like you and me, but a bad system is a whole corporation and management, so just don't get fooled by their words of "we're sorry, we'll take care of it"
  2. Pay more money to get better service, this is true in the Arab world unfortunately. Lower rates means something must be wrong.
  3. I wish one day Arabs will be able to do something completely right from A to Z . I am totally disappointed.
  4. Fight for your rights, for what you deserve and don't be a negative person.
  5. Before using a service, google it and see what people say. I have googled Aramex late enough, only today unfortunately.. and I found out that everyone is speaking of how slow they are most of the time. 
  6. Finally, I'm writing this post, because I promised Aramex I would write it :)
Aramex, you have nice employees but I HATE YOU as a company, a system, a way of organization :) 
I will never deal with you again.. I hope this blog post stays long enough in your history to remind you of the damage and harm you've done to me...

Did I mention I will sue you if delivery isn't made before January 2nd? 

I'm so sorry Aramex, I never wanted it to go this way..! Honestly!

Have a good day...

I don't want anyone who'll read this post to think I'm an aggressive person. I'm just a normal nice human being who fights for her rights in an era where some people still believe that you don't even have a 'right' for anything in life.
I am just someone who is hardworking and does her job right, and hence, I expect others to do their job right as well. If everyone alive does his/her job right, we'll all be good.

Update: Aramex paid $50 in compensation for each delayed package and  accepted to redeem the  shipping vouchers I hadn't used.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Is Here!

Christmas is here! Merry Christmas everybody!

Christmas is my favorite time of year, it's beautiful indeed! God bless everybody..

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Christmas carols and songs.. I hope you like them!