Sunday, October 21, 2012

Be Who You Are..

Break rules..
Go beyond expectations..

Make yourself heard..
Carve your existence..

Be brave..
Prove you're different..


Be free..
Be unique..
Be who you are..

Monday, October 15, 2012

Stop Labeling Me as "Anti-Men"!

For some years now, many have been labeling me as an anti-men or aggressive person, especially after writing the Arabic "Si El Sayed" Series which attacks certain type of men who are controlling. 

Does this annoy me? Most of the times YES! Especially when those labels come from people who don't know me and are still keen to judge me well. Also, more specifically after I made a short visit to Berlin, and I saw how women are treated there naturally without forcing equality, I became depressed at how people, and the society in general, see me this way here in my own country just because I am a "fighter", and at the same time I received so much respect outside my country!

This is not weird, our society is sick. And I'm writing this post in English because I want to tell my German friends that I am deeply touched by the way I was treated there with such a respect for everything I am and all what I do, and at the same time, shame on those Egyptian men who really think I'm aggressive, violent and those who keep telling me right in the face that I'm not good enough for relationships (for such type of controlling sick relationships are something I don't care about).

I will no longer care if you want to label me whatever you want, I don't care if you judge me, because those who are close to me know the real me and know what I can be like in healthy friendships/relationships, so I don't need to defend myself because yes I am a strong fighter and I don't let go easily. Humanitarian relationships are my own business and not yours! 

I am not aggressive, I am not violent, ruthless, or any of that! But I will be so if you keep judging me! 

I am a fighter! 

If you see me as stereotyping ALL men, it's your problem, because that is not what I say, it's what YOU think I say, and because more importantly, you haven't seen what other "open-minded" men are like in order to say this about me!

I am who I am, take it this way, respect me or feel free to go ..