Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[Poem] Different Stanzas of Love

Poem #132
written on 18.11.2008

Tuck me under your arms, don’t let go
Let me feel the love you want to show
Let me sleep in your tenderness and care
Let me believe that you’ll always be there

I want to live close to you
And drown in the dreams you give me
I want to die listening to you
You’re the one who sets my soul free

Let me breathe the love you give
Without it, I know I won’t live
Let me live in a dream with you
Where every miracle comes true

Live inside my heart, don’t come out
Your love, I can’t live without
The dream of being with you
Gives me power to see life through

The warm feeling of you being close
Makes me feel like I’m flying
I want to take care of you like a rose
Coz you’re the one who keeps me smiling

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[Poem] He's There

He's There
Written on 10.11.08

I wrote this when I felt God listened to my prayers

He listens, He's there
Even if we don't feel His care
He knows our wants and needs
He always sees and leads
When we feel it's all wrong
And need His power to feel strong
His answer comes in time
Making things well and fine
He is tender and kind
In Him, comfort we find
He cares… He's always there
Just pray and your life He'll share

Monday, November 10, 2008

[Poem] Can't Bear the Sadness

I started this poem on 12.6.08, wrote the first 3 lines.. then I completed it on 09.11.08

Can't Bear the Sadness

I can’t bear the sadness

I need to be happy

I hate this blackness

And all the madness

I want to get out

I want to loudly shout

I don't want to hold my tears

I want to break from fears

I want to be cry and be held

I want to talk and be heard…

I feel pathetic.. miserable

So unworthy and incapable

Chained and imprisoned

Can't be consoled by a friend

Hopeless .. helpless.. crying

Wishing for nothing but dying

Without a reason...I'm just sad..

I don't know why, but I feel bad…

Sunday, November 2, 2008

[Poem] And That's Why I Write..

I was asked about one of the pieces I wrote "Why do you write this?" ..I didn't have a clear reply, and I wanted to say more.. On the next day, when I was at university, I was inspired to write about this issue, and I came up with this poem..

So, it's dedicated to the one who asked me this Q ;) :)

And That's Why I Write..
Written on 2.11.08

When I want to write
I just can't fight!

It's a need and an obligation
An enjoyment, a dedication...
A loving feeling, a frustration…
It's letting go of an emotion
It's a commitment, a devotion
For your thoughts and notions
When you're full of inspirations,
Beautiful dreams and revelations…
In your words, you fly…
Your mind soars up high…

But I can never really say,
Why I write this way.
I can't know how, what or when…
I can't decide to write now or then
Or force myself to do so
Coz words just come and flow
It's hard to prevent and keep me
From doing it, coz it's my glee
If I want to write, I will
And nothing can hold me still
And when something inspires my mind
Words become easy to find

So, follow your inspirations all the time
It is never a waste of time
Writing is more superior, artistic
Somehow divine and majestic
It's what makes me proud
More than anything in me I've found
It's what makes all things right
And that's simply why I write…


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Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2008. All Rights Reserved.