Sunday, May 31, 2009

[Poem] Lost

Poem #179

Written 30.5.09

One of the pieces I enjoyed writing a lot. I cherish it deeply.
I really hope you will like it. It's about a feeling we all encounter one day or another in our life's journey...

I don’t know where to start;
I’m so lost between the lines,
I have deep troubles at heart,
I’m misinterpreting the signs.

I’m leading a life full of fears,
I am fighting hard not to fail,
But the road is full of spears,
That are making me so frail.

I surely don’t know what to do,
I want to run fast and hide,
I’m suffering, I can’t get through;
Blinded by all the tears I’ve cried…

Faith, will you please guide me?
I want to reach safe shores,
I want to taste victory’s glee,
And win all these vicious wars.

Love, are you the answer I seek?
Can you heal my grieving soul,
And prevent me from being weak?
Can you truly make me whole?

Hope, will you accompany me?
Can you fill my hopeless heart,
To be able to go on successfully,
Without the fear of falling apart?

I need an answer, I need a cure
I’m losing my identity in this rain,
I feel so lost, scared and insecure,
I want to stand up once again…

Where can I find myself in all this?
How can I be determined, strong?
I need a miracle of peace and bliss,
I hope the answer won’t take long…

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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