Thursday, June 3, 2010

[Poem] Why Are You So Sure of Yourself

Why Are You So Sure of Yourself?
Poem #296
Written 3.6.10

It's like exams get the strangest ideas out of my head!!

Why are you so sure of yourself?
You want to win and use him,
To only take pride in yourself!
Coz you’re helpless and grim,
So arrogant, but feeling defeated,
Feeling everyone should fall for you…
There’re many hearts you mistreated,
With feelings insincere and untrue,
Save your time, he doesn’t love you,
Don’t push him deceitfully to care,
You can’t be a match, both of you,
I hope you’ll be doomed to despair…
Coz I’m the one he’s always had,
I’m the one he cherishes the most,
We are starting our life, feeling glad,
But you’re haunting us like a ghost,
And I can’t watch you while you,
Win his kind heart and break it,
Fooling him, breaking us in two,
But I’ll fight till death, I’ll never quit!
He’s my only hope and dream,
Of a life so magical and complete,
That is harder than it may seem,
But I will never succumb to defeat…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[Poems] All CSED Poems!

I have written many poems for my Computer and Systems Engineering Department "CSED"; for the people, events and memories .. I just didn't realize how many they were except when I started to collect them in one post.. 

The reason that made me collect them all here is that I received a very nice email today from Eng Mohamed Amir, and he actually encouraged me to publish all the CS poems one day.. He liked the poems I've written about the department even though they mocked the subjects he taught us: Digital Design and Microprocessors :) So here're the 12 poems, I'll start with them on the blog, with the hope that one day they will be published in a book  :) 

There's always more to come!

Not a Programmer
Written 16.7.2007

I am a programmer
Though not good enough
Want to rock like a hammer
But my time is tough
I feel I'm stupid
No, I sure am!
I am not good at it
To pretend I can
Coz I won't be doing
Anything good in life
Even if the going
Turned from being stiff
The rough won't be easy
Coz I have it in me
Laziness and stupidity
And never being free
Of all the pain and bothering
Chattering and thinking
Life makes me run
But what should be done!
And I get tired fast
I don't think I will last
Not with the pain
Not always or again
But I am still an artist
Putting my feelings on papers
Casting my burden on a pen
And living life like dreamers
So even if the poem
Is too lousy to be read
Close the book and go to bed
Just don't hate me instead
But since you've come this far
You might like to confess
I am not a great programmer
Coz writing is what I do best!

Digital Poem
Poem # 100
Written 13.3.08

Dedicated to the disaster of the digital lab
on Tuesday March 11th, 2008, 2nd year CSED

Digital Design is really cool
Coz you realize you were a fool
Using HDL like programming
And that you were misunderstanding
Not just how to do it right
But many other concepts in mind
It's time to face the cruel reality
See your own mind-made stupidity
You thought you had it all
But get ready to take the fall!
It's your chosen CSED life
That hurts more than stabs from a knife
So come on, be brave and face it
You're stupid you have to admit...
To the TA's orders you have to submit
But don't worry, eventually you'll make it!

I Refuse to Keep my Mouth Shut
Poem #102
Written May 2008

We refuse to keep our mouths shut
We won't give up, no matter what
We’re dignified and we’ll object
And all the maltreatment we'll reject

We're humans can't you see?
Why can't we just disagree!
Can't you listen and pay attention,
To our screaming-like objection?!

We demand actions not words
Because we're tired of being nerds
Broken promises is what we have now
But now, it's time to keep your vow

Our opinion: let us write it down
And our voices: don’t let them drown
Hear us, we demand from you
It is not something very hard to do


Microprocessors Hell
Poem #133
Written 6.12.08

It was the day before the holiday
And everyone wanted to go away
Defeated, we stayed of course
But then we were full of remorse
What on earth was happening?!
What were we attending?!
Is it microprocessors or hell,
From which all these assignments fell?!
PIC, TSR, interrupts..
A volcano that always erupts..!!
How dare we ask to enjoy days off!
Why shouldn't things be tough!
It's pathetic but it's the normal thing
That CSD will always bring
No matter how much we shout or ask
No one removes a single tiny task
"You're clever people" they say..
"You've to hate life more everyday!"
But I really don't care coz it's in vain
I'm a programmer, so I won't go insane
Coz of some chips or an ugly debugger
I won't allow this course to make me suffer!

To Dr Moustafa Amin
Poem #159
Written 10.5.09
It’s Amr Ebaid’s Class
Poem #160
Written 12.5.09

Inside an Architecture Lecture
Poem #162
Written 14.5.09

An insight view about what happens in almost every architecture lecture…
Written in a Computer Architecture lecture.

We’re listening now to architecture,
To us, it’s the most boring lecture…
The doctor is giving a free talk;
With hands and hair full of chalk!
Haidy is chewing gum and joking,
Teasing Sammak who is talking,
Solving a compiler’s sheet coz he is
A nerd who is used to this!
Rana is sleepy and wants to go,
And everyone is hissing so low.
Habak and the doctor are in a debate,
And Michael is in a sleeping state.
Combo is drinking a Pepsi can,
And I’ve eaten everything I can…
And still, time is going slower,
When will this lecture be over!!

My Revenge On Sammak
Written 15.5.09

Sammak wrote a poem about me as a revenge on me coz I wrote that he was a nerd in my architecture poem, and posted his pics as he was solving a compiler’s sheet in the lecture..
So I’m replying with my own revenge poem too :P

You can't beat me Sammak, don't even try
I can write better poetry that will make you cry
I will kill you and make your head fry
But first I will put my finger in your eye
Then I’ll make you look like an apple pie
And send you away to fly in the sky
So make sure that you say goodbye
To everyone who pass you by :P


To Mohamad Mahmoud
Poem #207
Written 21.9.09

When Mohamad mahmoud, our colleague at university, wanted to quit being the class’ representative

To Mohamad Mahmoud:

During hard times, you’re there,
Talking to all, running everywhere,
You act up to the responsibilities,
God has given you amazing abilities,
You’re our brother, who is so kind,
We want you to make up your mind!
So please, your decision, reconsider it,
And to your orders we will submit :) (bas mesh awi :P)
Don’t be sad at madness of a few…
We’ll always do our best to help you…
We want you to be the representative,
So, please don’t be argumentative!
We know it’s a hard job to do,
But we trust one person: only you!
We are sure that you’re best for it,
We ask you please not to quit!

If You Wonder Who Believes in Me
Poem #270
Written 12.4.10

This is to tease Mohamed ElSammak for asking me “I really wonder who believes in you”!

If you wonder who believes in me,
It’s enough if the answer is only ‘me’,
I believe in myself and what I can do,
That I can make my dreams come true,
My world is opening its arms for me,
I feel there is so much power inside me,
To carve my own path, unlock any door,
There’s a pretty life ahead to explore,
Nothing is ever going to pull me back,
I won’t surrender, I won’t fall or crack,
I won’t succumb to life, I won’t give in,
Because I’m so motivated deep within,
I have ‘me’ and that’s totally enough,
To keep going when my world is rough,
I’m too strong, I am afraid I won’t break!
I’m never defeated because of any mistake,
I try to learn, and here I am, standing up,
Never looking back and never giving up…
My life is extremely beautiful this way,
I’m always inspired, no matter what you say!

Then You’re in CSED
Poem #293
Written 20.5.10

In CSED, Life Is Always Cool
Poem #294
Written 24.5.10


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.