Thursday, April 15, 2010

[Poem] The Only Thing Nothing Can Steal

The Only Thing Nothing Can Steal
Poem #274
Written 14.4.10

2010 marks the 10-year anniversary of my first writings. I don’t mean to underestimate any type of art, because I adore all types of art, I just want to say that writing lives on with you even if nothing else does… And of course, I want to say that I adore and enjoy writing the most.

When your hands are too shaky to paint,
And your ill body is under full restraint,
When you sound too old to speak or sing,
The only thing you can still do is writing…

Writing is the only thing nothing can steal,
Your special way to express how you feel,
Your constant companion and dear friend,
The one that stays with you until life’s end…

If you are deaf, mute, disabled and blind,
Writing is your only way to ease your mind,
That’s why I am so thankful I can write,
I feel it brings me much ability and might!

I can’t describe my feelings when I write,
I feel a deep inspiration that I can’t fight,
Like magic, with words overwhelming me,
Then you’re amazed at what turns to be!

You produce music out of papers and ink,
Your symphonies of words make you think,
About your ability to make a deep difference,
To reach out to people with a real influence…

I enjoy what I do, I feel different, blessed,
To be able to make others feel impressed…
I love seeing the world with a different eye,
And I can’t ever stop writing, even if I try!

© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.

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