Saturday, October 9, 2010

My First Live Performance

I've always loved music and Coptic hymns. I was lucky enough to be invited to perform 2 hymns with Ava Bavly Kids Choir here in Alexandria, a great choir really! The concert - وتعود الابتسامة - was for the benefit of children with cancer.

This was my first live performance.

The first hymn is a Coptic hymn "Arihouo Chasf" that means "Praise Him and exalt Him above all forever":
Studio-recorded version:

Live version:

The second hymn was "Thank You Lord" lyrics:

I would like to thank Mr George ElKess Samuel, the leader of the choir, as well as my dear friend Haidy Mikhail, who coaches the choir, for making this possible. I enjoyed performing along with you and your great team. I loved your spirit and I wish that all your concerts would be just as successful!

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Shenoda said...

double congrats! well done!

may God bless your service