Friday, May 14, 2010

[Poem] I Saw Benjy - Benjamin Zephaniah

I Saw Benjy - Benjamin Zephaniah
Poem #291
Written 14.5.10

I attended a performance today by the great poet Benjamin Zephaniah and I was so impressed and inspired by him! He even asked me to say one of my poems to him but I memorized none and of course my mind was BLANK while I was talking to him :( He is a role model for me really! 

I saw Benjy, his rhythm is strong and fun,
His face is dark, yet, lit like shining sun,
He spreads hope, he touches his audience,
His poetry is artistic, his feelings are intense,
He is down to earth and nice to his fans,
Who were so inspired by his performance!
He talks about his poems and enchants you,
His style is unique, amazing and very new,
I feel proud; I won’t even wash my hands,
Coz I was honoured to shake his hands :)


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