Sunday, March 7, 2010

"It's a Useless Thing to Do, I Can't Take It Anymore!"

Here're just a few words that came across my mind today and I thought of writing them here..

Sometimes we have to do a lot of things that we might think are useless, boring, frustrating and that we're not benefiting anything from doing them. If these things are obligatory; some kind of duty, like any university course you never liked, then try to look beyond what you actually see. I mean, try to benefit from at least a single point in this thing you are doing that might not be even related to the thing itself. Find benefits that no one cared to look for before, benefits like: patience, organization, or simply, a new experience. 

I am not going to say: "try to like it" because sometimes you can't, so at least try to gain more experience from everything you do or see in life.

I remember I once went to a concert and it turned out something much different that I expected and I was so bored. And because the concert wasn't an obligation for me to attend, I simply left the hall after 10 minutes, but I stood outside, and I remember very well that I learnt from that night that I shouldn't think I wasted my time, no, on the contrary, I saw a new form of music that probably a lot of people like, and I saw a new culture, new people, and this is called: experience. 

I also remember many projects and things I've studied that I never liked, and I am the kind of person who can't force herself to work on something she doesn't love, that's why I tried to develop this concept over the years, but lately, I've applied it more, especially that as a poet, I don't always see things the way everyone else sees, otherwise, all my writings would be repetitions of what others thought of and wrote about throughout the years.

There are significant people in my life who taught me to "look beyond what I see" and to never think of anything as a waste of time or energy, because these things and the time spent on them are called "new experiences", which we have to appreciate, because life is full of many things we don't know about...


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