Monday, May 24, 2010

[Poem] In CSED, Life Is Always Cool

In CSED, Life Is Always Cool
Poem #294
Written 24.5.10

 I've of course written about many poeple in CSED: Eng Amr Ebeid, Eng M Amir, and of course Dr Moustafa Amin (check )
 But this time, I tried to write about more people and more memories, sorry if I couldn't include everyone and everything :) I'll do my best next time! 

In CSED, life is always cool,
Whether you are smart or a fool,
You might experience good days,
But mostly, it’s only severe craze!

Your code is good, but it won’t run,
But there is no excuse for anyone,
It’s your fault if the server is down,
So, relax, take it easy, don’t frown!

Projects for individuals or groups,
We keep running in circles, loops,
During lectures, we are so sleepy,
Coz the syllabuses are really creepy!

The idea of bonus is really much fun!
“I have plenty of bonus for everyone”
All is fair in bonus, compete or kill!
Until you successfully fulfil your will…

In everything you are thinking of,
Do it all with tender, care and love,
A book is more delicious than a cake,
So, read for as long as you can take!

Performance chapters are endless,
We understand nothing, it’s a mess!
And we’ll open up a cyber for games,
According to Dr Sahar’s claims!

As for patterns, clusters and classes,
The running time quickly passes,
Bear only a couple of hours or days,
To run the algorithm in many ways!

But automatic control is still on top,
A continuous torture that can’t stop,
And even after we are done with it,
It still haunts us; we don’t even feel it!

Once in a while you can hear him say,
Using his usual mocking scary way:
“You’re all losers, you won’t make it,
Your TA is a loser, you all should quit”

Some TAs were different and unique,
They’d never want to hear you speak,
They write with their fingers, not chalk,
And you can’t understand their talk!

And during our last section this year,
Ahmed Essam gave us a good cheer,
He’s been a good TA with his advice,
Like many TAs who were just as nice…

Bassiouny simply explained everything,
He treated us modestly, he was smiling!
One of the really kindest people to us,
Who never used to make any fuss!

Michael Atef wants to make money,
“I want to get married”, it was funny,
Victor always standing up at the back,
While a photo is being shot by Sammak!

And when we are about to get bored,
Habak or Victor elaborate on the board,
Abdelrahman can argue for so long,
If he thinks the solution is wrong…

It’s almost over, as this year ends,
But we’re still more than good friends,
We have laughed and we have learned,
There’s so much that has been earned…

As we graduate, we can’t forget our past,
We’ve shared many memories to last,
Laughs, cries… fights, food and much fun,
A love, a life that will never be undone…


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.


Moustafa Badawi said...

Well said. Indeed we’re still more than good friends.

Evronia said...

forever and for always ensha2alla :)