Friday, May 21, 2010

[Poem] Then You’re in CSED

Then You’re in CSED
Poem #293
Written 20.5.10

Today we delivered our last project in CSED… Certainly not the last thing to do before graduation, but it’s something that inspired me to write a poem among the many that I have written for CSED :D

Then you’re in CSED; where CSED == Computer and Systems Engineering Department :)

If you forgot what it means to enjoy,
If your life lacks your sense of joy,
If you miss being once a young boy,
Then you’re in CSED!

If your thoughts are filled with code,
If you don’t notice cars on the road,
If you always feel like you’ll explode,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you consider your laptop your son,
Your desktop background is no fun,
And you’re always up until dawn,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you usually don’t comb your hair,
Never caring about what you wear,
Even if you’ll walk with your feet bare,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you are accustomed to headache,
If going to the bathroom is your break,
Coz the load is more than you can take,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you ask for a router for your birthday,
And 5 a.m. is when you start your day,
If you’re weird, even when you play,
Then you’re in CSED!

If your parents are the last you meet,
You’re tired of this thing called “sheet”,
If “pizza” and “croissant” are all you eat,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you wear glasses, if you’re a hunchback,
Carrying a laptop in your heavy backpack,
Arranging your tasks in a queue or a stack,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you smile when you’re called “geek”,
If you forget the days of the week,
If everyone alive thinks you’re a freak!
Then you’re in CSED!

If you dream of huge bugs chasing you,
Your dream might really come true,
But you’ll never know what to do!
Then you’re in CSED!

If you think of name as “namespace”,
If your mind thinks “debug” and “trace”,
If your life is one big challenging race,
Then you're in CSED!

If you’re always wearing your jeans,
Your life is mainly about Netbeans,
Running K-medoids and K-means,
Then you’re in CSED!

If you always think of a tree to span,
You think you’ll name your kid “Zahn”,
You hate the day your poor life began,
Then you're in CSED!

If you hear “projects” more than “hello”,
You’re almost dead from the overflow,
You beg the class to entirely say “No!”
But you’re in CSED!

Anyhow, rejoice, class of 2010!
There will be no CSED again,
You will taste your freedom soon,
Just wait, till the end of June :)


© Evronia Azer, 2010. All Rights Reserved.


Shenoda said...

Hilarious! :D

So you are graduating this year?! Congratulations! & Best of luck.

Evronia said...

thanks a lot:)

Moustafa Badawi said...

I don't read poems very often, but I just couldn't resist reading this one.
Extremely Awesome :D

Evronia said...

thx Moustafa :D

أميرة رمضان said...

Wonderful :)

Very talented masha2 Allah , and the poem is very true :D

We already have these symptoms since first year :D

I wonder how we will look like when we will be in 4th year.

Wish you a happy Graduation from CSED :)

Amira Ramadan
1st Year CSED

Evronia said...

Thanks Amira for passing by the blog. I won't spoil the surprise and tell you what CSED will be like by the 4th year, but well, it's just a little bit more than hell ;) hehehe

Don't worry and good luck :)

thanks a lot for your lovely comment