Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Copy from This Blog!

Recently, I've seen many pages and forums online copying stuff from my blog, videos I made, or any tracks I've uploaded and referring to themselves as the "first" people who ever put these things online "exclusively".. It is very unethical to do so, I own this blog and its contents (unless I copy something from somewhere I state it doesn't belong to me)

Please, if you are going to copy from this blog (this doesn't apply to posts I mark with a copyright symbol ©), put a link to it and mention where you get your data from and I'd appreciate it if you write to me saying this!

I can easily prove through blog posts publishing dates that I am the first one who posted these things, however, things hasn't reached this extent because most of the things that were copied were not so significant to me. However, if anyone is going to copy a single POEM or a single line of writing that I post here, I remind you, there are copyright laws, even if this data is published online ..!

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