Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 for FREE! (+ any MS Software)

If you are a undergraduate/postgraduate student .. You can have Original Windows 7 for free!
لو انت بتدرس في الجامعة أو بتعمل دراسات عليا تقدر تاخد نسخة أصلية من ويندوز 7 ببلاش

Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 Professional are NOW available for MSDNAA members for FREE!

If you don’t have an MSDNAA account, please send a copy of your academic ID (صورة من كارنية الكليه) by email to: and you will receive your username, password and an online link.

When you log in, you will be able to get your own original copy of any Microsoft Software (including Win7, Visual Studio 2010) and generate original product keys.

OR give a copy of your academic ID with your email address written on it to one of Alexandria University MSPs (Microsoft Student Partners: Ahmad Fathy, Kareem Hashem and myself) who are at Computer and Systems Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering.

This offer is for all Engineering, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Architecture and Design students..It is also available for university professors and teaching assistants.

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