Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why I Love Windows7 ! - Part 1

There are a lot of posts on the Internet about Windows 7, explaining its new features, comparing it to previous versions of Windows.. However, I want to write today in short and simple points the main reasons why I fell in love with Win7...

First, a lot of people have been wondering about the reason why it is called Windows 7 in specific.. I believe the reason behind the name is from a pure marketing perspective, since it allows easy referencing for the product, by just saying "7" or "Win7" .. You can read more about the naming of Win7 here on this post

I also don't want to miss the opportunity to mention that my friend Chris, who is also an MSP in the UK, has posted real very nice stuff about Win7 that you will really enjoy!

Now, to my "Win7 Love List" :D

  • It needs around 10 GB to be installed on your machine, along with some software as well!! that's quite a great move compared to Vista!
  • It needs less than 30 minutes to be installed on your machine and then you can start installing any other software you need.
  • Both XP and Vista's functionalities still exist in Win7 inspite of the small installation space Win7 requires.. So don't be afraid to use Win7, you will be just fine!
  • You don't need to install any drivers software for Win7! I thought I'd need to at least configure my LAN, but it just detects everything on its own
  • Win7 taskbar is just so easy to use, provides fast access to all your programs as you can pin them to it!
  • Win7 works on 1GB RAM faster than XP working on the same RAM size!!
  • The Aero Peek option is really so cool, allowing you to take a peek at your desktop by just hovering your mouse over the end of the taskbar.
  • The taskbar provides peeking at your opened windows, you can even close the windows from the preview that the taskbar provides, without having to open the window itself.
  • You have the option on your desktop to see the "Next desktop background" (Right click on the desktop), as the theme you select from Windows personalization will provide many desktop backgrounds that you can easily see by clicking that option!
  • Unlike Windows Vista, Win7 tells you about incompatiblity issues BEFORE you install any software..
  • The search capabilities of Win7 are just beyond imagination, it can dig right into your files!
  • New improvements have been brought to the paint program.. It is now really cool!

Finally as an MSP, I would like to invite all university students (both post and undergraduates) to check out with their campus MSPs about how to get an MSDNAA account and download your own original version of Microsoft software, including Windows 7, and obtaining original product keys.

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