Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[Poem] When I'm Feeling Down and Low

When I'm Feeling Down and Low
Written 20.10.09

When I’m feeling down and low,
I feel from the world I want to go,
And hide in a place very far away,
Where I can in your arms stay,
And tell you about what’s in me,
About the awful troubles I see,
Coz you can dry all my tears,
Wipe away my disturbing fears,
The only one, who can do so,
With whom I can always let go,
Knowing I’ll be protected, secured,
Loved, safe, and totally cured…
In hands like yours who can ever be,
Afraid of anything in the world to be?!
With you, I’ll always fly in a place,
Where there is no time or space,
Because you make the world mine,
Letting me feel more than divine…

© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Mohamed M.Adel said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat #227 ??? :-S 2etkatabaoh emtah doool :S
msaaaaa msa msaaa
i really loved that one .. especially the rhyme :)

Evronia said...

etkatabo men zaman awi :D loool

I'm glad you like it :) :) thanks a million!