Friday, October 23, 2009

Why I Love Windows7 ! - Part 3

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Why I Love Windows7 - Part 2

More of my Win7 love list!

  • I really can't believe I'm using the same PC!! Win7 makes it incredibly faster!
  • If usability and great user experience mean anything, they are certainly Win7!
  • Ever had troubles connecting to a projector?! Not anymore with Win7 "Connect to a Projector" utility!

  • The "Solve PC Issues" notification on the taskbar is really helpful and not annoying anymore, you can open the "Open Action Center" and see how you can resolve the problems..

  • Easily customize the icons on your taskbar, no need to crowd your taskbar with unwanted icons, and even if you want the icons, organize their view in a better way...
When you click on customize, this is what you see:

  • Great maintenance options, to create a system repair disk to recover windows if a system error occurred and there is also backup and restore options..

  • There are also many great options in the Media Center, my friend Chris has written about them here
  • The new "Paint" is such a huge different thing compared to the old ones!!! more about it here
  • Ease of access center: the narrator, for more accessibility

That's it for now, will be back for more if there's more!

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