Friday, October 23, 2009

Why I Love Windows7 ! - Part 2

When I came up with my first post about why I love Win7, I knew that one post wasn't going to be enough for me to say everything I love about Win7..

So here I am writing my part 2!

First let me tell you that I am not just excited about Win7 because I am a Microsoft Student Partner and because we're working on introducing Win7 to everyone.. The truth is, I am excited about new technologies that are good, no matter where they come from.. I haven't been excited about Windows Vista and I kept using Windows XP on my PC until I migrated to Win7 .. I have used all versions of Windows and I can tell you that Win7 is as different as Microsoft claims, this time, IT'S TRUE! This operating system is revolutionary, simple, lovely, fast, unique, eye catching and a lot more!

I've also used Ubuntu HardyHeron v8.04 (What I like to call the 'duck' version, coz of its funny wallpaper :D) and I've to tell you, Win7 is far much cooler than Ubuntu.. ! There is no way to compare both, unless you're an Open Source lover!

Let's see more of my Win7 love list!

  • Preview Pane allows you to preview a file without opening it! You can choose to enable the pane or just hide it.. In the preview pane, you can view: photos, videos, music, notepad files and even Pdf and Word files!!

  • Windows Event Viewer lets you view monitoring and troubleshooting messages from windows and other programs.

  • Aero Shake! Shake your window! More about it here ..Want to focus on one window? Shake it, and all the other open windows on your desktop will be hidden. Shake again, and they're all back. Click, hold down, and give your mouse a shake! (Who says an old mouse can't learn a new trick?) :D

  • Your library: the best way to organize your files and pin your most frequent icons to it.. Right click your library folder on the taskbar and here's what you see:

Include your files in the library:

  • Preview your recent opened files for a specific program without opening the program, just view them in the start menu!

  • Preview all your opened windows, without clicking on them, just hover your mouse over their mini preview on the taskbar, when you move the mouse away, you're back to your original window.. This is really useful when you're waiting for a page to load or a program to finish installation and you just don't want to bring the whole window into view when you have many windows opened and your computer feels like a dead machine that is not responding!

  • Right click any program on your taskbar, and you get a fast list of all its options!

I guess this is it for now, will certainly come back later with more and more on my beloved Win7!

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