Monday, June 8, 2009

[Poem] Everything Around Reminds Me of You

Everything Around Reminds Me of You
Poem # 186
Written 8.6.09

Everything around reminds me of you,
All the memories make me feel blue,
You’re not here anymore; I miss you,
It makes life hard to go through…

Your face surrounds me everywhere,
And I can feel your breeze in the air,
I miss your love, warmth and care,
It makes my heart ache and tear…

I can’t go on when you’re not here;
My life is full of despair and fear,
I wish that those words you hear,
Will one day bring you near, my dear…

Beta Poem Copy--Still Under Revision
© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

I found this one cute and simple ... :) go on gurl ....

Evronia said...

thanks dear:)