Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Interview

At university, we have a blog for our department called CSES-DAYS.
This blog was created by colleagues in my class, mainly headed by Hatem El-Gmel.

On this blog, many of the students who are writers cooperate to post a lot of funny things about our experience as computer engineering students ...

Hatem had an idea to interview some people from our class and post the interviews on the blog.. I was lucky to be one of those chosen people!
I had a very nice interview that I liked a lot and enjoyed as well...

The interview was just posted today:

And I would like to have this opportunity to thank Hatem for his very nice work on the blog, as well as with this interview, because it gave me such pleasure to feel that I had an influence in my class and in the department as a whole...!

Thanks for the nice questions, the real amazing introduction about me, the hard editing work and everything!

God bless!

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