Monday, September 12, 2011

[Poem] My Legacy

My Legacy
Poem #331
Written 12.9.2011

I always think about what I'm leaving behind...I always think about my legacy...

I could die today, maybe now,
I always think, I don’t care how,
What will I leave behind me?
How will people remember me?
What have I done good and bad?
In life, was there what I could add?
Have I stood by the ones I love?
Have I been loved and thought of?
Was I selfish? Have I given enough,
To anyone whose life was tough?
Have I helped without being asked,
Stood by till rough times passed?
Did I bring joy to anyone’s heart?
Was I usually keen or smart?

I still wonder if I deserve any tears,
If I’ll be remembered for years,
If everyone I loved silently will know,
That there is a lot I wanted to show,
That I always wanted to do more,
And finally, have someone to die for…


© Evronia Azer, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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