Saturday, September 24, 2011

[Poem] I’m Afraid

I’m Afraid
Poem #337
Written 24.9.2011

I’m afraid to let my feelings grow,
I keep hiding the love I can’t show,
I’m afraid you’ll reject my heart,
And that I’ll eventually fall apart…

There’s nothing to prepare me,
To bear so much hurt inside me;
In case you gently turn me down,
My life will surely be upside down…

There’s so much for me to tell you,
Many things that I see about you,
Your soul; what your gentle eyes hide,
And I fear that our dreams may collide…

I see you as my future man, so whole,
So gentle, caring, shining above all,
Your heart is simple, but your mind,
Hides a mentality I will never find!

You fill up the missing parts in me,
I am now facing the world happily;
You know how to make me smile,
Finally my life is now worthwhile!

I know I can fight so hard for you,
If only you give me a chance to,
I’d give up all my dreams for you,
If only I have you, so will you?


© Evronia Azer, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

1 comment:

Mina Saad said...

Contradicitions came by your poem upon my head
mentally thinking ,no feelings I have felt instead

I have faced this monster before
his nickname is Love but his nature I'm not sure
only bad reactions I have had
the world has changed and gone mad
His smile is like a temptation
to the limit of excitation
and then he shows his ugly face
saying I'm a swordsman without a grace
I asked him why did you make it fake
he answered don't you remember the Eve snake
oooooh, I'm only facing that alone
nothing going to help me only on my own
friend came back and forth with an advice
asking about showing some wise
wisdom that I have spent my life with
finally I have discovered it was a mess

fearing from falling others again
suffering the endless pain

So go on on your way
tell him what is supposed to say
no other time to waste
sometimes it's better to haste