Saturday, December 5, 2009

[Poem] A Perfected Love

A Perfected Love
Poem # 237
Written 4.12.2009

This poem is like a conversation between Me, my heart and my love (supposedly) :) so there are three entities being referred to in the poem… just to avoid the confusion :)

As I look deep down at my lonely heart,
I find it still aching madly at your depart,
All it wants is to be happy, to be with you,
All it wants is to share a love that’s true,
A love that survived so much and so long,
A love that can undo anything wrong…
And it keeps wondering, why it can’t be,
Like everyone else: smiling and happy…
But I tell my heart to wait for some time,
For it has a huge mountain ahead to climb;
A heartbreaking journey that has to be,
Travelled roughly, blindly, shattering me,
To teach this young naïve heart of mine,
How its love is more precious and divine,
That this love is patient, pure and strong,
That it can win its battles all along…
It becomes much wiser and it grows,
Learning from my mistakes and flaws,
Perfecting itself, getting fully purified,
Reshaped, respected and dignified,
Learning what it means to last forever,
To never stop fighting for you, ever!


© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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