Sunday, June 3, 2012

You're an Idiot

An imaginary piece of writing that was formulated in my mind after watching "The Notebook". This is the second blog post inspired by this movie. The first one is here.

You’re an idiot. You had me, you had the dream we created together, you had the love no one ever dreamt of, you had everything… but you chose to let go, because you’re an idiot!

You said you couldn’t handle it, but I said I was ready to bear it up. You rejected me, even when I said I was ready to be your slave. You saw lots of obstacles, when I saw nothing that would keep me away from you. You saw impossibilities, when I saw that all the years in the world meant nothing if I can wait to have you.

I was easy, I was never loved; I was your victim. You broke my heart and made me face the storm alone.  No one ever in my life was given the love I gave to you, nor the sacrifices. I held on to you silently with every ounce of strength in me. I clung to you with all my courage, which was consumed for years and years. I would have literally died for you, you idiot!

And after giving it another thought, no, you’re not just an idiot. You’re a selfish coward who couldn’t take the responsibility of facing what your heart really wanted. You’re a victim of your ego, an irresponsible decision-maker. You’re all this and more… but you’ll always be my forever love, my unique dream, the one who makes my soul alive…

No matter how much I try to understand why my heart still wants you, why the only valuable thing in the world to me is to have you. I can’t answer any of the “Whys”, the same way I can’t answer why I even fell for you in the first place. It must be so weird and irrational. Maybe that’s what love is all about: being crazy, unrealistic and foolish, and you still love being in love.

So, my beloved idiot, will you have me?

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