Sunday, June 3, 2012

Utopias Don't Exist

I decided to take a break and watch a movie. After watching “The Notebook” I realized that writers always create things that aren't real. They like creating a utopia, which will eventually shatter your dreams, because yeah, you keep dreaming about this damn utopia that will never come, and break your heart everytime you wish for it. Yeah yeah.. ! Writers are foolish, including me..

I’m a foolish writer, I’ll create a utopia, I used to think it existed, I was convinced, but that was years ago. It’s not true, utopias don’t exist, utopias only break our hearts, keep building your silly dreams, those dreams that other people created for you: those writers, novelists, poets, actors, and then you’ll foolishly fall… You will fall, because life isn’t just as pretty as you thought it would be, or as you wanted it to be.

Life isn’t pretty, because Utopias don’t exist…  So save all your pain, and just forget it!

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