Sunday, January 17, 2010

Networks 2010 Final Exam

Networks 2010 final exam
"Just for fun" :D -> though very much similar to the real exam lol :D 

Q1: You want to build a transport layer to make reliable data transfer from Mars to Venus using a camera on Earth. The camera's segmented message will have a hidden value "X" to prove that it's a real message not a SYN attack from a "bad guy"..

a) how many aliens do you need to answer the exam?
b) how can you capture the image of the weirdest alien?
c) Define: "ya 7'ayeb" according to the Marsian vocabulary.
d) Suggest another definition other than the one you mentioned in (c). Discuss pros, cons, alternatives and solutions to the problems of the definition you just mentioned.
e) What is "X"? What are the problems of this approach?

Good luck in the rest of the exams :D

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