Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Artificial Intelligence 2010 Final Exam

This is not to mock the exam by any means.. but the exam has to be written my way :D

Artificial Intelligence 2010 Final Exam
"Just for fun" :D

Q1) You have a very smart First Order Logic (FOL) set of predicates. You want to prove that these predicates are either consistent or valid or just some nonsense. 

a) Show that green frogs get cancer if they live in polluted areas.
b) Find the probability that if whales are fish, they would still entail S.
c) Prove formally that AI stands for "Anti-Intelligent" using PL or FOL.
d) Write a PROLOG program that shows that Agents are NP complete. 
e) Use resolution to decide how happy students are if the course has no final.
f) What does PL, FOL, WARD, YASMEEN stand for ?
g) What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity? State 2 advantages and disadvantages of each.
h) This question is bonus (like all the extra super bonuses in lectures :D) 

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