Monday, January 18, 2010

Information Systems 2010 Final Exam

This is not to mock the exam by any means.. but the exam has to be written my way :D

Information Systems 2010 Final Exam
"Just for fun" :D

Q1) You have an object oriented database with multiple objects: monkeys, donkeys, cookies and so on. You need to perform range partitioning on the database such that the support of each donkey is greater than the support of the monkey.

a) Find the total cost of buying all cookies.
b) Perform Apriori algorithm on the itemset.
c) Find the confidence of monkeys versus donkeys, your answer should show that birds are more confident than all animals in the itemset.
d) If you have 1 distributed lock manager in the system, how many zoos can accommodate all animals in the warehouse?
e) Find the minimal cost plan in terms of weight of animals, if you want to transfer them from site 1 to site 2, to answer the coordinator's query?
f) Make a star, galaxy, milky way, planetarium and comet schemas for the previous system, assuming parallel nested loop join.
g) Who is "Mucky"??

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