Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[Poem] Proud of You

Proud of You
Poem #230
Written 3.11.09

When I see people talking to you,
And how much they admire you,
Or when I hear them speak of you,
Saying good stuff about you,
I nod, smile and silently agree,
Feeling so proud deep inside me,
As if your success is totally mine,
How or why… I can’t define!
I feel proud of you all the time,
Like you are part of who I am…
You needn’t do a great deed,
So that in my eyes you succeed,
I always see you great and whole,
Your soul is angelic, above all!
Your silence is more meaningful,
Than words that sound beautiful,
And the simplest things you do,
Make my dreams come true!
So be sure in whatever you do,
That I will always be proud of you!

© Evronia Azer, 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Mohamed M.Adel said...

nice one :) ur sooo talented msaaa .. where are the rest of ur writings i wanna see them aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal :P

Evronia said...

thaaaaank yooou mohamed :)
actually most of my writings are on this blog (poetry).. as for the articles, some of them are on my homepage, but it needs a lot of maintenance as the homepage host had some major changes in their tools :S
so I guess here would the blog would be better :D

thanks again! :D