Sunday, September 13, 2009

ترنيمة يا راويني - By: Haidy Mikhail

A couple of days ago, my best friend Haidy sent me a hymn she once recorded with her voice and I kinda liked it.. but I didn't really say this to her.. Today, I had an idea of putting this hymn on youtube because I wanted everyone to listen to it, and I also wanted to express to Haidy how much I really loved the hymn..It is a beautiful piece with great lyrics and she performs it in such an inspirational way ..

So yeah, my tip for the day is to really express your feelings to the people you love and care about when they do/share with you something that you like!

Adddddiiii luv u :D :P

Hope you like what I did with the hymn, even though it's very simple :D


Mina Fouad said...

I really love this song

God Bless You

Haidy Mikhail said...

Thanks ya EVE :D love you too
we I like it 3 much ;)

Evronia said...

anytime :D :P