Sunday, December 7, 2008

[Poem] Microprocessors Hell

The Long awaited poem :) in the occasion of the feast, I present the 

"Microprocessors Hell" Poem


Poem #133

Written 6.12.08



It was the day before the holiday

And everyone wanted to go away

Defeated, we stayed of course

But then we were full of remorse

What on earth was happening?!

What were we attending?!

Is it microprocessors or hell,

From which all these assignments fell?!

PIC, TSR, interrupts..

A volcano that always erupts..!!

How dare we ask to enjoy days off!

Why shouldn't things be tough!

It's pathetic but it's the normal thing

That CSD will always bring

No matter how much we shout or ask

No one removes a single tiny task

"You're clever people" they say..

"You've to hate life more everyday!"

But I really don't care coz it's in vain

I'm a programmer, so I won't go insane

Coz of some chips or an ugly debugger

I won't allow this course to make me suffer!






Unknown said...

10/10 Evronia but it'll make you suffer bel3afya !!!
it's agaza ... nafady y3ni :D

Mohamed said...

Good talent, but I'm not sure about the last line :D

Evronia said...

lol thanks ahmad and mohammad.. kollo not sure about last line.. leeh bas , i won't let it make me suffer :D

Anonymous said...

a cute poem... Keep up the good work...