Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[Poem] I Want You Back

Poem #139 

I Want You Back 

Written 24.12.2008

I'm sorry I made you want to leave me

I didn't mean to, please believe me

All I want from life is to be with you forever

But I was foolish, and never clever

I lost you while trying to keep you

I had a dream I never thought was true

I miss you like hell, I want you here

I want to love you and feel you near

I want to let go of the feelings I hold

I want to let my heart's book unfold

I want to hold you close and never let go

You're the one who makes my feelings grow

Will you forgive me for my selfishness?

Will you come to revive my happiness?

I want to die if I can't be with you

But I look forward to living with you

It's the thing that keeps my hopes alive

It's what pushes me to sadly survive

All I'm doing is praying, crying, waiting…

Will you finally answer my calling?

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