Tuesday, December 9, 2008

[Poem] I Want to Write

Poem #135

I Want to Write


I am confused, having a lot to say

Don't really know the right way

To express all what's going on

And everything that's been done

A lot of feelings, a lot of emotions

A lot of sadness, a lot of notions

Buzz, achievements, success

And making great progress

But still, it's like wanting to run

Not feeling like having any fun

I want to hold a paper and write

Wishing to feel everything is alright

I want to cry and be held

I want to scream and be heard

Hoping to be hidden away from life

Coz it keeps stabbing like a knife

What's this silly life all about?

A bunch of days that fill us with doubt

Making us worried about tomorrow

Giving us hopelessness and sorrow

Stealing our ambition and dreams

Driving us to dead extremes

It's all in vain let me tell you

Love is the only thing that's true…

It will give us power to defeat

All hatred, revenge and deceit

But where is this love? Is it here?

Will it ever come so near?

Will it ever give me poems to write,

Filling me with excitement and delight?

What is it that we are all searching for?

Wanting to be cared for? Or is there more?

The ambiguity of life, its mystery and all

When will all these mighty walls fall!

Are we supposed to feel okay?

Will these rocks get out of the way?

I am tired of stumbling and getting up

I am strong but I am just fed up

Life is simply a series of waves

Choose to be a hero, or one of its slaves

But remember the burden to be carried

All the sadness that can't be buried

You choose a way, you can't go back

And you don't know what will attack

You sacrifice, you fall and once more

Wish that there could be any door

That would open to your land of dreams

Where everything is full of bright gleams

Where the scent of love fills the air

That spreads happiness with no despair

Where is the door to this land?

Is it even real or is it just a dream of sand?

That collapses when the wind blows

And when you wake up, it's nothing but hopes

Of which none has come true

Then life goes on, you try to find a way through…


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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! ur poems are amazing!!