Saturday, March 16, 2013

Loving the Impossible - Part II

Loving the Impossible - Part I

Loving the Impossible - Part II
written 16.3.2013

He loves her but in deep silence. He is wise; he can’t speak of his feelings, for fear of losing their friendship. She is the one he prefers to talk to about any worries; she is his best friend, even if he never said it to her directly.

He sees her as the bravest person in his life; he always seizes the opportunity to tell her how much he admires her courage. He knows this will make a difference to her; that’s why he chooses to show her his appreciation, so she will always be able to go on, with the energy he drives her with.

He loves sharing stories about his life and friends with her. He values her opinion on everything, even the way he dresses. He admires the shy smile on her face when he teases her about something. However, he feels guilty of making her more attached to him, so sometimes he prevents himself from talking to her, even when he badly misses her.

He always makes time for her, but he makes her feel he’s doing it normally, the same way he does it with his other friends. He enjoys her secret special place inside his heart, but he doesn’t know for how long he can keep himself from telling her how he truly feels about her.

The feelings he has for her are not what he has ever felt for anyone. She will never be like any other love, for she is his shelter, embrace, encouragement, friend and girl, who always smiles at him, even when she is in pain. She means a lot, and not only to him. She is unique; different from any other girl in this universe. She is strong; able to move mountains, and only when she is alone at night and talking to him, she shows her soft side, along with tears he only sees.

He understands how she feels all the time, like no one else. He surprises her with how much he knows, even when she doesn't say a word. He enjoys thinking of her before going to bed, for she is the best inspiration for him. He wishes that one day he gets to tell her so, and gently wipe off the happy tears off her face.

He would literally do anything for her; he treats her like a role model or a hero. He is not like other men; in this relationship, he is not the proud controller of it. He loves seeing her lead the path to her dreams, wishing that one day, they will hand in hand lead the same path.

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