Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Poem] No Reason for Me to Love You

No Reason for Me to Love You
Poem #330
Written 31.8.2011

There was no reason for me to love you,
It seemed my heart needed a rescue,
I must have been foolish and blind,
To have ever had you on my mind.

At first, you tried to win my heart,
I thought you were sweet at the start,
But quickly you turned into a freak,
Seeking control, making me feel weak.

You were never my dear close friend,
I was someone you cared to offend,
My sacrifices meant nothing to you,
You oppressed and hurt me too…

I never want to hear your name,
Life without you is never the same,
I am glad you’re gone, I’m now fine!
My being is whole and fully mine…


© Evronia Azer, 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Richard Fouad said...

shocking words ... There was no reason for (me)to love you (love has no reasons,so called blind)
+ 5 I's (i must, i thought , i was , i never, iam glad)
+ My being is whole and fully mine…
= "Self-Addiction" which totally contradicts with "My (sacrifices) meant nothing to you".
totally an aggressive poem to someone already gone.
There are some people were not meant to stay in our memories, they don't qualify to be.
keep pushing your lovely poems,thx

Evronia said...

thanks a lot for your lovely criticism.. I don't like relating all my poetry to personal experiences, but since you've mentioned a contradiction between what you called self-addiction and sacrifices, then I can explain by saying that when someone feels hurt after sacrificing a lot, s/he gets a sense of "ME" back again, and yes some selfishness maybe..
for me, love has reasons, in my poems at least :)