Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Poem] Having You

Having You
Poem #326
Written 30.8.2011

And there you were… standing,
As charming as I’ve never seen,
On you, all sights were landing,
Being yours meant I’m the queen!

I could envy myself for having you,
I could do anything to show them,
That I’m the girl, who’s won you,
I smiled to show how proud I am.

Amid the crowds, I felt unique,
I felt shining, I was so excited,
To others I didn’t care to speak,
You’re my reason to be delighted.

I slowly moved to get to you,
“Now I can hold you, they’ll know!
Finally I can share my love to you,
And to the world I can show!”

But you looked strangely at me,
Like you’ve never seen me before,
Have you decided to leave me?
Won’t there be “us” anymore?

I couldn’t stand it, my tears rolled,
Your tender arms were tempting,
I fell in them, but… You were bold!
You let me fell, on the floor, fainting!

It’s me! The one who longed for you!
I was half conscious, couldn’t speak,
They took me away, how could you,
Let them think your love is a freak!

Maybe you didn’t know me well,
But I’m the dreamer created for you!
You’ll one day regret this rebel,
Seeking the only love that was true…

You’ll love someone but you’ll miss me,
Not knowing what you could’ve had,
Your happiness was enchained to me,
And both our lives will turn so bad…


© Evronia Azer, 2011. All Rights Reserved.


John Essmat said...

Welcome back :)

Evronia said...

thanks :)))

meenoos said...

I admire the facility and rhythm in this .. great feelings included, good one Evronia.

Evronia said...

thank u so much :)